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XDC Network On-Chain Voting dApp *Feedback*

We are looking for your Feedback to deliver the best product!

Hello XDC Network community,
Jon @walterblueu and Phill @menezesphill recently released the Beta MVP for XDC Network On-chain Voting dApp and also hosted a live demo to walk through the features.

We hope you can take a few minutes to test and provide feedback. This platform is intended for the community and we want to hear your thoughts.

Useful Links:

Demo Video:
Voting dApp:
Apothem Faucet:


Feedback is welcome on bugs and features. Connect on discord ( or through the feedback button on the dApp (see image below) which will bring you to a google form.

XDC Voting dApp feedback


We are looking to close out the Beta testing by Jan 20 so we can fix bugs, add features, and launch the first version to XDC MainNet.

Your support is valuable and appreciated.

Thank you,

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sarthak_bakshi profile image
sarthak bakshi

Hey team, love the MVP , pretty neat, can't wait to see the full UI/UX of the platform

a few suggestions:

Incentivization: A system to incentivize participation can increase voter turnout and engagement in the decision-making process.

The dapp should be flexible enough to accommodate different voting methods and decision-making processes, such as plurality voting, approval voting, and liquid democracy

In the near future the dapp could have the ability to integrate with other protocols, platforms, and systems as needed. for example integrated into wallet, so users can simply cast the votes through frequently used mobile applications which in turn could promote the usage of the platform

also completely agree with @cryptomitch!

But all in all, love the MVP!!

cryptomitch profile image
Ronald Mitchell

The dApp looks great! Very clean and easy to use. I ran a test to find out if you could create a vote without paying a TOLL or having to Pay a TOLL in order to vote. I was able to create a proposal without paying a toll, which is great! However its still unclear to me, if there is a toll, does the creator Pay the toll and then voters can vote for free, or do those voting also have to pay the same toll?

tpada13 profile image
Jonathan Author

Hello Ronald,

You're correct, there is no Toll creating a proposal.
The dApp is flexible, so the creator of the proposal can set the Toll to Zero (0.00 XDC) and allows anyone with an XDC wallet to vote. The creator of the proposal could set a different value, say 100 XDC or 1000XDC depending on how serious of a vote they want it to be. The creator of the proposal has to cast a vote as well; creating the proposal is not considered a vote.

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Ronald Mitchell

I suggest that there be a Wallet Snap Shot (by Date) be implemented so that different projects can also utilize the tool as a voting mechanism and not vote multiple times by sending the Governance Token to additional wallets after voting from one.

The by date feature is very important also, if the a snapshot feature is implemented.

Say there is a hack and we need to snapshot addresses before the Hack in order to vote to black list that wallet.

Or a project wants to airdrop and they want to do it on a specific date that is prior to an announcement that everyone fomo'd. this allows them to cast a vote to those participating prior to the announcement, to gauge interest in the airdrop.

Just a couple examples