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BUIDL the Future (Coinbase) Hackathon: Project Updates & Judging


XDC Community in association with XDC Foundation and XinFin entered to be part of the “BUIDL the Future” hackathon hosted by two web3 power houses: Coinbase and HackerEarth. The focus of the hackathon was to rally the global web3 developer community behind innovative projects for the next generation of crypto users. Total price pool for developers is up to $50,000 USD (in equivalent XDC).

Spanning from October 16, 2022 to January 09, 2023 there were 5000+ participants and over 200 projects submitted by developers for the opportunity to win bounties / awards from Polygon, Klaytn, Unstoppable Domains, Lbank, and XDC Network.

The XDC Network had a great turnout and received 44 submissions (Polygon had 68). Submissions were evaluated for minimum requirements and the project pool was reduced to 25 for official judging.

This document outlines:

  • Judges
  • Judging Criteria
  • Projects
  • Themes & Bounties


The following hackathon judges bring a vast amount of knowledge, experience and respect across the XDC Network ecosystem and web3 / crypto industry as a whole. All judges are providing input voluntarily and using their own time to evaluate project.

It’s our honor to have this team judging the projects and giving new opportunities to teams building on XDC. Thank you Judges!

1. Jon McBee : Founder, XDC Community
2. Rohit Tandon : Systems Architect, XDC Foundation
3. Sarthek Bakshi : CTO & Co-Founder, Dimo Finance
4. Arturo Cantera : Founder, Prime Numbers
5. Ronit Ghose : Future of Finance, Citi Bank; Founding Partner, XVC Tech
6. Johan Lundberg : Founding Partner, NFT Ventures; Managing Partner, XVC Tech
7. Aneri Merchant : Lead - Ecosystem Ventures, XVC Tech
8. Dustin Sebel : Advisor, XinFin ; Associate Professor Michigan State University (USA)

NEW Judges Added on Jan.23

9. Bradley Allgood : Co-Founder & CEO, Fluent Finance
10. Simon K. : CEO, IceCreamSwap

Judging Criteria

XDC judges will be evaluating projects based on the following criteria.

Potential Impact: Does it fill a gap in the universe, and have the potential to be used frequently by a large, growing and diverse audience or market?

Novelty/Creativity: Does it have unique and novel features or combine features of other products or services in a unique and novel way? Does it solve a new problem? Is it creative and puts a smile on people’s faces?

Technical Accomplishment: Is the code elegant, clean, and technically interesting? Is the project complete?

Design: How is the UX/UI/DX? Is it easy to use? If targeting developers, is the experience smooth and intuitive? Does the visual design delight you?

Business Plan: Is the business sustainable? Does it have proper licensing? Is it creating staking, TVL infrastructure, other utility for XDC? (required for Phase 2 award consideration)

Extra Points: Post your project on forum to introduce and share your new project with the XDC Community! Let the community know this project was a submission for the HackerEarth hackathon (#BUIDLtheFuture), what your project is about, live dApp, and other key features.


Assurance Assurance presents a decentralized peer-to-peer crop insurance framework which enables to overcome the current disadvantages by securing farmers’ interests, eliminating intermediaries and providing a secure, standardized, and transparent system that does not hinder any information from stakeholders.

Cupcake Swap Cupcake DEX provides easy way to swap tokens on XDC blockchain. Thanks to code optimization transaction costs are cheaper compared to other similar solutions.
Quatre Decentralized interest-free loan infrastructure and non-custodial defi tools

EquiDEI Protocol focused on building a global lending platform for manufacturing SMEs

Self Medical Insurance implement blockchain to eliminate third-parties and ensure that there is only communication between a person, a hospital, and an insurance provider with cryptocurrencies

Stable Borrow Stable Borrow(STB) is a web3 platform on XDC Network with inbuilt Defi lending protocol as well as GameFi and unique regulatory protocol

XSyn Protocol XSYN allows users to buy a magnitude of Synthetic assets using XDUSD, backed with XDC/PLI Tokens. Users can swap Synths through Contract to Contract(CTC) which avoids slippage and liquidity issue.

Paraverse Paraverse is a web3 metaverse as a service platform where everyone can create their own metaverse without coding skill.

Realistic NFT Games Gaming is the best stream to expose and introduce new technologies among youngsters, as it generates enthusiasm quickly. NFT(non-fungible token) is created with Three.js(JavaScript) for making game segments and programming and Solidity(Truffle Framework) is used for playing games via transactions.

MiMi Money Wallet XDC Android and iOS dApp wallet that will enable millions of users worldwide to easily access and manage their XDC assets.

MyXDC Welcome to MyXDC! We are an exciting, user-focused wallet and decentralized exchange where users can enjoy freedom, flexibility and profit making opportunities.

Warranty-Fi Crypto Powered Warranty Marketplace for XDC payments which is called Warranty-Fi.

Web3One Wallet An easy to use wallet with smart account functionality powered by biconomy and a one click cross chain multi sig wallet creation with your friends using connext.
Multi Chain support Ethereum, Polygon, XDC, Aleo, Klaytn, Gnosis, Cronos, etc.

xDapp xDapp is an effort to build a borderless, customer-centric, all in one platform to serve as a trusted companion to manage money while giving back control to our users. We have started with bringing the utility of ROSCAs commonly known as Chamas in Kenya to Web3.

XDC Cider Wallet XDC Cider wallet is the easiest and most secure way to store, manage, and use your digital assets on the XDC blockchain. Learn more:

XDC Tracker A Chrome browser extension for tracking balances of assets (XRC20 & XRC721) on XDC Network (Mainnet and Testnet)

Credore A Standardized And Paperless Financial Supply Chain Management Infrastructure

Evermore Evermore Marketplace uses NFT royalties to create revenue for consumer product companies from re-sales, incentivizing them to design more durable products and decrease demand on new materials.

NEFTME Social dApp, based on the new “Connection Economy” concept, where all users can monetize their content, as well as CHALLENGE each other in exchange for tokens, which can be swapped for money!

Nomis A web3 credential and scoring protocol helping XDC developers build better DeFi solutions, communities and experiences.

r3plica Copy or record the profile, items, and other status of a web2 gamer exactly like a mirror on web3

XDC Medical Counselor Developer tools to enable visualization, management for developers to build solutions in medicine, healthcare, improve transparency in drug testing with Filecoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, XDC network.

Giga Share Giga Share allows you to quickly upload images/videos or files to IPFS by using web3 storage and get a "decentralized QR code" with IPFS CID. Later you can share the QR code or hosted gateway link with everyone for easy and decentralized file sharing.

XDC Web3 Domains XDC Web3 Domains (.xdc) - Own Your Blockchain Domains: Building Identity on blockchain with .xdc domains

XDC-NFTs NFT DApp on XDC where users can view their NFT collections, Mint XDC-Pixels NFTs and share link of their collection to others

To view the projects, detail, video links, repositories, and business plans, please check out the list here:

Link: BUIDL the Future Hack - All Project Details

Categories and Bounties

🏆 Prizes ($50,000 USD Total): 🏆
Prizes and awards to be distributed at the discretion of the judging based on the best projects developed.

💫 Web3 Wallet
(First Place: $15,000 - Second Place: $5,000)
Build the next generation non-custodial web 3 wallet to be the gateway for XDC Network dApps, DeFi and NFTs.

🌐 Defi
(First Place: $15,000 - Second Place: $5,000)
This category will focus on decentralized finance tools, infrastructure, and enterprise use cases to increase network TVL and tools to support a robust DeFi ecosystem.

💡 Open Ideas
(First Place: $10,000)
Be creative with your submissions. Try to integrate real-world assets and envision what the future of Web3 will be.

🔥 🔥 A Phase 2 award is available
A chance to pitch and be awarded up to $100,000 USD for the project team(s) that exceed the judging criteria, and provides a robust, sustainable business plan and product roadmap.


If you do not see your project on the list, or would like to provide a real-time demo, please comment below. 👇

Thank you,

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