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Discussion on: XDC Network On-Chain Voting dApp *Feedback*

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Ronald Mitchell

The dApp looks great! Very clean and easy to use. I ran a test to find out if you could create a vote without paying a TOLL or having to Pay a TOLL in order to vote. I was able to create a proposal without paying a toll, which is great! However its still unclear to me, if there is a toll, does the creator Pay the toll and then voters can vote for free, or do those voting also have to pay the same toll?

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Jonathan Author

Hello Ronald,

You're correct, there is no Toll creating a proposal.
The dApp is flexible, so the creator of the proposal can set the Toll to Zero (0.00 XDC) and allows anyone with an XDC wallet to vote. The creator of the proposal could set a different value, say 100 XDC or 1000XDC depending on how serious of a vote they want it to be. The creator of the proposal has to cast a vote as well; creating the proposal is not considered a vote.