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Developer's Workshop 2022-11-04

With two active hackathons going on to build out the XDC Network ecosystem, the XDC Community will be holding a Developer's Workshop hosted by Phill Menezes @menezesphill (

Phill is an active XIP editor and large contributor to the developer portal. He will be using the How-To tutorial series to provide an introductory workshop for developing on the XDC Network and will discuss the following topics:

  • Introduction to XDCPay
  • Integrating a Front-End to XDC using WalletConnect (XDPay and Metamask)
  • Deploying a Smart Contract
  • First Dapp on XDC!

Please join in, and start building on XDC.

Event Details

πŸ—“οΈ Tuesday, November 08
πŸ• 12pm EDT/16:00 UTC

Hackathon Details

(1) Coinbase / HackerEarth
(2) Devpost

Discussion (4)

supersnips profile image

Awesome, will send out a mail to all Devpost participants today.

david_harness_6e7f794e131 profile image
David Harness

Hey great tutorial!
I should have recorded it.
Will a video be available to the attendees?

tpada13 profile image
Jonathan Author

Sorry David - here is the video:

We are hosting another one next week - please join if you can!
Details will be posted on shortly

tpada13 profile image
Jonathan Author

Thank you for your support.
I agree, @menezesphill did a great job.

And yes, we will get a video up on our YouTube channel shortly.