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Developer's Workshop 2: DeFi Staking dApp!

Last week XDC Community held the first Developer's Workshop hosted by Phillipe Menezes @menezesphill and it was a great success!

Phill introduced developers to XDCPay and reviewed the details on how to integrating a front-end app to the XDC Network using WalletConnect (XDPay and Metamask). The video and code is below.


Workshop 2:

Please join us for the second Developer's Workshop where Phill will go through a DeFi staking dApp, perfect for beginners who are interested in DeFi primitives and deploying smart contracts.

It has everything you need to start building on XDC and submit a project for the Coinbase Hackathon

Event Details

🗓️ Wednesday, November 16
🕐 12pm EST (5pm UTC)

get a ticket to join the event (it's free)

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Good Show!!

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Nice... Great....

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Jonathan Author

For those who missed the event, you can watch it here:

Thank you @menezesphill for a great workshop!