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Feedback is required for integrating dedicated masternodes statistics in BlocksScan Explorer.


Greetings of the day.

Looking at the requirement from all the XDC Network masternode owners, we at BlocksScan plan to implement a dedicated page in explorer for all masternode owners to track all stats of the master node accounts.

Some of the features will include :

  • Get the total earning amount, earning value in Percentage and its Fiat value which will benefit you in doing calculations at the time of yearly taxation/audit.
  • Update personalize MasterNode name.
  • Get Email, and Telegram notifications if nodes are down or up.

Kindly let us know what features you want to see on that custom page.

We would also appreciate your comments/ suggestion in the comments section below on our previous post link:

Thank you, and have a nice day!

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Jon McBee

This ask isn't entirely in scope, but I would like an API call that returns a KYC'd address for masternode operators that could be used as an input to the voting dApp so that masternode operators could be whitelisted on proposals that are targeted to masternode operators. There would need to be some privacy considerations taken into account, but it would be useful to be able to query dynamically as proposals are created.

Otherwise, these proposed features look valuable to me.

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Salomon Morales

@walterblueu I think it's better if the API returns if the node is staked vs KYC'd as this will be much easier to implement. If they are staked that means they have gone through the KYC process as you need to KYC to stake. There is no way around it (there is but it's more technical than uploading a document).

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Jon McBee

I agree, ideally we want an address for a staked and KYC'd node. If it isn't staked it won't earn rewards and if it doesn't earn rewards then it doesn't have a meaningful voice in, for example, adoption of a protocol update.

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Sean • Edited on

Though I am not a masternode holder but with the feedbacks that I have seen from some of the masternode holders time and again, these features do seem like a good and needed addition to the explorer.

Telegram and e-mail notification when the node is down, is something that all masternode owners would highly appreciate.

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s4njk4n • Edited on

Would be great if incremental (or bulk) masternode earnings could have a way of showing up in tax platforms like Koinly automatically. It works with standby nodes as the direct monthly node payments show up each time they’re done. It’s the incremental masternode ones that don’t show up. Not sure of the technicalities to make that happen so just suggesting here. Thanks guys

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Salomon Morales • Edited on

These features are highly needed for XDC node operators. I would love to see this come to fruition for sure. Keep up the excellent work BlocksScan team! Maybe doing so by coinbase address to add some level of privacy, just like the coinbase address shows in the masternodes page. Only that person that knows their coinbase address knows which node belongs to them.

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Great Features! it would be also great to have the average price calculated in any given time and be able to export your earning each day/ week / month with the XDC Price at the time of the XDC when it hit the MN wallet.

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Thank you for working hard and make BlocksScan better everyday. I would like to have these features for ages as it makes my life easier for my tax purpose. Just another thing is when we download CSV file for data, please make it easily compatible for third party like Koinly to read. Thanks

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Troy S. Wood

Thank you, this is real good news BlocksScan team - The validating nodes are the most important aspect of the network & will be good to see any useful development going on w/ these masternodes and standby nodes.

Imagine that you are not responsible, but would be fantastic if all node reward deposits were automated & timely.

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Ravikumar J • Edited on

Notifications when MN goes down/up has been requested by many Master node holders so it's a must one and the 1st point is also appropriate addition for tax calculations.