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BlocksScan Needs Your Suggestion.

Season’s greetings to everybody and wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

BlocksScan provides a complete suite of blockchain technology solutions for businesses, covering both infrastructure development and ecosystem support for EVM-Compatible Blockchain Networks.

Achievements of BlocksScan in the year 2022:

The year 2022 was a productive year for BlocksScan with the multiple technological contributions for the web3 ecosystem. We have listed the achievements of BlocksScan for the year 2022 as follows;

  • We Played a major contribution towards the XDC Network in Andromeda upgrade.
  • Started and managed BlocksScan Explorer
  • Managed RPC provider for XDC Network to support web3
  • XDC Network integration with multiple dapp’s including Ledger / MyEtherWallet / MyCrypto / DCent / Sourcify / Guarda Wallet / TradeTrust.
  • Snapshot offchain governance app for the XDC Network
  • Initial contribution towards setup of NFT marketplace platform of
  • Contribution to built XDC decentralized storage (like Google drive) platform

If you have missed our proposal for managing XDC.Dev technical forum, check the proposal and do vote YES or NO at the comment of the proposal here:

Roadmap for the year 2023:

Furthermore, to support the growth of Web3 Dapps and our ecosystems, we have planned our roadmap for the year 2023 as follows.

  • Revamp of current XDCScan with Explorer 2.0 version with more features and to support Multi Chains.
  • Launching of BlocksPay (Browser Extension Wallet), again it will have Multi Chains support.
  • Enable staking mechanism in current application which will be later named as BlocksRPC which will support Multichain.
  • Launching of BlocksFace (A first ever social media platform like Facebook on XinFin Blockchain) with Wallet, NFT & Marketplace.
  • BlocksCloud is a multi cloud software design to deploy and manage a large network of virtual machines as highly available and highly scalable.
  • Contribution at platform to address all the issues and to exchange knowledgebase.
  • Contribution and support towards all Layer 2 applications which are deployed and going to deploy on XDC Network.

Token Launch

To move forward, We are planning to launch XRC20 token on top of XDC Network which can be utilized as below;

Token utilization, revenue and Burning roadmap:

  • Apply set up and monthly fees for the use of Explorer to various blockchain networks. 10–20% of revenue will be burned in token terms.
  • Host a multi-chain node by staking X amount of tokens with BlocksRPC and get 3–6% pa of rewards from its ecosystem pool.
  • Enable license in BlocksPay Crypto Extension Wallet (with a method for burning tokens, approx 10–20% of the earned revenue)
  • Utilization of tokens in BlocksFace Marketplace and NFT. (with a method for burning tokens, approx 10–20% of the earned revenue)
  • BlocksCloud, which will earn money from the users’ use of its cloud services.
  • By giving banner advertisement (BlocksScan Explorer, BlocksFace Social Media, etc) to the third party (with approx 10–20 % of tokens burning mechanism that are paid for the advertisement)

This is just the plan which we need your precious suggestions to finalize the aforementioned.

Please provide your support and suggestion to build successful projects on XDC Network.

Thank you.

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ronald_mitchell_0de6c6219 profile image
Ronald Mitchell

Congratulations on a solid year of contributions! Thank you!

Roadmap looks exciting!

Would like to learn more about Snapshot. As of now, my understanding is that it doesn't work with all XDC wallets. Can you share what you guys are doing to help get this working for XDCaddresses?

Would like to know more about the tokenomics of your XRC-20 token when that can be shared. Thanks

blocksscan profile image
BlocksScan Author

Thank you for your interest and support, we will release the data in near future.

anilchinchawale profile image

Warmest congratulations to the team @blocksscan on your achievement in 2022 on @XinFin_Official Ecosystem! Wishing you even more success for Roadmap 2023.

Can’t wait anymore for the applications which will change the #Web3 industry.

mrblockchain22 profile image
Salomon Morales

Congratulations BlocksScan team! Your contribution to the XDC Network ecosystem is greatly appreciated and it's noticeable across multiple facets. The contributions this year have been awesome and I look forward to seeing the growth and development from your team.

The Explorer 2.0 sounds great in addition to the launch of the XRC20 token and the BlockFace social media. I do have suggestions for the social media name though. I think "BlocksMedia" (assuming you'll be able to share pics and videos on the platform) or "The Blocks" (as in the building blocks of a new social platform on the best blockchain in the world) instead of the current name suggested.

I look forward to all your plans for 2023 coming to fruition. Best of luck!

aaditi_girkar_038ea83563a profile image
Aaditi Girkar

Congratulations team @blocksscan for your all achievements in 2022. Also, thanks for all the contributions towards the #XDCNetwork!

All the best for the 2023! Wishing you a Lots of Success and Happy New Year.

rupps_blocksscan profile image
Rupali Mestry

Congratulations Blocksscan team for the great achievements in the year 2022. Looking forward for much more achievements and a great success in the coming year 2023.... All the best and wishing you all a very happy new year.

Sloan, the sloth mascot
Comment deleted
blocksscan profile image
BlocksScan Author


Thank you for your suggestion, We are using XDC in most of the applications which will have some % of burning mechanism and there are a few applications that will have staking and masternode concepts that will require their own token to handle its rewards mechanism, so we are planning for an XRC20 token built on XDC Network.

Regarding BlockFace, it will be the first social media built on XDC Network. We are planning to keep seperate resource for each product to provide with the best service to the community members.

Thank you and looking forward to your support towards BlocksScan to grow and build more dapps on XDC Ecosystem.

james_love_23979d134fec2b profile image
James Love

Great new feature for adding the layer 2 tokens: a search is done by name and added; no need to find the contract address for tokens like $PLI or $PRNT ... great job BlocksScan team! i don't have any suggestions yet for improvements but as I use the new version, I'll pass along suggestions

sean_ profile image

Congratulations BlocksScan Team for an awesome 2022.

It was indeed a great Year for BlocksScan, Xinfin and Its entire ecosystem and I wish even better and Amazing 2023 for everyone involved in this journey of building and taking the Network to the top and making it a top choice for every builder.

2023 roadmap looks amazing with a Decentralized Social Network, browser extension decentralized cloud infrastructure and many more things in the Pipeline.

Congratulations once again and Best of Luck for Future !

ren_bar_299b84967d67be680 profile image
Ren Bar

BlocksScan team hard work and perseverance have paid off. Congratulations for the what you have achieved so far in the year 2022 on XDC Ecosystem and All the best for your Roadmap 2023.

Excited to see Tokenomics.

xxxxx_xdc profile image
  1. I hope BlocksFace can be used by developers and general users together.
  2. I wish I could build a community inside BlocksFace.
  3. I hope xdc domain services are integrated.
  4. Please register the NFT in your profile and recognize and mark the NFT
  5. I hope that aggregators that can easily swap XDC and tokens by comparing multiple XDC decks at once will be integrated in the future
blocksscan profile image
BlocksScan Author

We are taking note of the points you shared. We will come out with more updates as per the community requirements.

redausen profile image
Rebecah Dausen

Congratulations on your 2022 incredible success! Your perseverance paid off.

Thrilled to see the new roadmap accomplished in the year to come.

omkar_mestry_737f5f43d6e1 profile image
Omkar Mestry

Congratulations to the team BlocksScan on their 2022 contribution towards the XDC Ecosystem and all the best for the 2023 Roadmap.

BlocksRPC and BlocksCloud looks like game changing application for the web3.

Looking forward to it.

xxxxx_xdc profile image

I like this 🚀🔥

gzliudan profile image
Daniel Liu

Need API which is compatible with EtherScan protocol

sean_ profile image
vinn_9686 profile image
Vinn • Edited on

Congratulations and Thanks for all the contributions towards the #XDCNetwork!

All the best for the 2023! Wishing you a Happy New Year.

benzzz_xdc profile image
Nick XDC

Blockscan has been essential to the growth and development of the network, thank you for all you have done! I strongly believe you can accomplish all the aforementioned 2023 goals + more and support your proposal. The only thing id consider is instead of launching a new token on the network, rather launch applications or focus on how you can create additional value and demand for XDC. Best of luck!

coincow_art_a9fac6bf88081 profile image
CoinCow Art

Very nice! Thank you for your efforts toward everything!

call2hrishi profile image
Hrishikesh Varekar

Sincere congratulations to the BlocksScan Team on your hard-earned success 2022 towards the $XDC Ecosystem and best wishes for your next adventure 2023.🎅

vaibh_raul_29d5f938d3fe4f profile image
Vaibh Raul

Heartiest congratulations to team @blocksscan for your incredible success.

ravikumar_j_5016c023f6919 profile image
Ravikumar J

Congratulations for all the successful contributions you made towards #XDCNetwork in the year 2022.

sean profile image

You have my support, and I appreciate the Support you have given the Network.

sugih_zhang profile image
Sugih Zhang

Viva XDC

chris_temple_50a828316252 profile image
Chris Temple

I recently purchased XDC on KuCoin and transferred it to my ledger but sent it to the XDC network rather then erc-20(as KuCoin and ledger do not have the XDC network as an option, my fault I know, this was the first time I had experienced this) I have all the routing numbers, and tags. Is it possible to retrieve my coins off the XDC network and get the coins back?