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Beyond the standard of standardization... has become an invaluable resource for the XDC community and developers.

In recent months, on, we have seen the introduction of the XIP (XDC Network Improvement Proposal) process via XDC Community, numerous queries about XDC Network tools and resources, troubleshooting collaboration by XDC developers, and a number of updates to the much-anticipated XDPoS 2.0 – the protocol upgrade offering military-grade security and a state of the art forensics monitoring system to the XDC Network.

Shortly following this, XDC Community - a vertical working within the XDC Foundation - captured the attention of the XDC community by launching a campaign to enroll a group of global XDC community members into the decision-making process to fund XDC Community as an independent entity – its focus: furthering network decentralization, improving standardization, and cultivating a developer ecosystem that will attract top tier developers and institutional partners to build on XDC. has stretched beyond a repository for standardized discussions among XDC developers. It is evolving to become a way to aggregate community ideas, perspectives and support for the betterment of the XDC Network. Below, we will highlight another key development covered on – namely XDPoS 2.0 – and extend an open invitation to the XDC community to participate in an ecosystem that honors your contributions. #WeAreXDC!

In September, the entire blockchain industry and its diverse participants witnessed a momentous event in our space – the ETH merge to Proof-of-Stake (PoS). This event has drawn attention to other EVM-compatible networks featuring a storied history of adoption and stability.

As conversations on have revealed, the XDC Network, an EVM compatible DPoS network with three years of stable mainnet performance, awaits its own major development - namely XDPoS 2.0.

Beta testing is already underway for the long-awaited XDC consensus upgrade, and the core team has been sharing updates via Recently, some key essential features of the protocol have been successfully tested on XDC dev-net, including:

  1. A seamless switch from XDPoS 1.0 to 2.0; and
  2. An inactive master node penalization mechanism.

Both of these tests represent important milestones in the XDPoS 2.0 development process and set the stage for more involved testing and readiness preparations for the launch.

The team has also started to optimize XDC's development and deployment pipeline through "a better development lifecycle." The first step, an automatic deployment pipeline for Forensics UI, has been completed.

The core development team continues to encourage community participation, extending an open invitation to community members for further feedback and contributions. These efforts, along with XDC Community’s XIP, signal an evolving landscape of decentralized participation in all facets of the XDC Network. One such hub to track the progress of these developments is

Check back here in the future for more milestones regarding XDPoS 2.0 and kindly participate in the developments happening within the XDC ecosystem.

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Atul Khekade

How about XDC 2.0? simply. Sounds way simpler and better than XDPOS 2.0

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S. Author

Yes. It's much cleaner. I love it.

Has my vote.