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XDC Developer Community EUROPE!

The growth of the XDC Network has been impressive over the last years. From community growth, total smart contract development and deployment, projects building on XDC to Partnerships.
All made possible through efforts of Individuals from all over the World.

While XDC has a Global Community, the efforts and focus to grow the Developer community had been mainly US-based efforts.

There has been no real Initiative to grow our Developer Community in Europe besides the Global Hackathons, in which we have seen so much interest from Developers to build on the XDC Network!
Just in our latest Hackathon with participants from over 70+ Countries all over the world, including from 17 European Countries!

This article outlines a plan for the official formation of XDC Governance Developer Community Europe (GDCE) entity including major focus areas, and how to reach full financial sustainability until the beginning of 2024 (within 12-16 Months)for this initiative.

We will highlight major benefits and challenges we have seen over the past six months and why the XDC network must increase its presence and outreach to Developer Communities in Europe, especially in the Blockchain Capital of Europe, Berlin.

This article will follow the standards of the previous XDC Community proposal. -

We need you, members of the XDC community, to vote in order for this effort to reach its full potential.

If there is enough support for this initiative within the XDC community, then the budget outlined below will be distributed from the XDC Ecosystem Development Fund and used to fund the XDC Governance Developer Community Europe Initiative.

We would appreciate any comments for or against the Europe proposal in the comments section below.

After you’ve made your decision, please cast your vote in the comments section: Vote = YES -or- NO

Voting will start Thursday Nov.3 at 12AM CEST (UTC+1) and end Monday Dec.23 at 11:59PM CEST (UTC+1).

Thank you in advance for your support.

Why Berlin?
After the US and India, most of the Solidity developers are based in Germany. Berlin in particular is the hot-spot for European Blockchain developers, its the place where developers from all over Europe come together in Events, meetings, exchange ideas, find teams and funding.

In 2014, the first Ethereum conference called DEVCON 0 was hosted by Ethereum founders. It was held in Kreuzberg, Berlin, from November 24-November 28.4. This meeting, discussion, and brainstorming practice have continued ever since with switching locations, and DEVCON has become the annual conference for all Ethereum developers, researchers, thinkers, and makers.

Berlin had a big impact on Ethereum's development, it shows the significance and presence of exceptional minds from all over Europe and the World present in the city.
There is simply no way around getting into the European Blockchain developer community for XDC.
To scale up into the top 5 public blockchain projects, it is essential to stay ahead of innovation, growth, and technology while having "boots on the ground" in Europe.

Our Mission
XDC Governance Developer Community Europe's (GDCE) mission is to further strengthen the decentralization of the XDC Network and provide European developers a strong voice in the Ecosystem.
To ensure growth and attractivity, decentralization does not only mean establishing several independent entities with different objectives. It also includes regional decentralization, spread across different locations worldwide.

In addition, GDCE is dedicated to fostering innovation and finding ways to commercialize the results.
Staying ahead of innovation and looking for ways to commercialize these new innovations through constant outreach and presence at Devloper meetings, industry events, and developing solutions in cooperation with Industry Partners.

Leveraging start-ups to their full potential, funding layer2 protocols, and Creating in-person learning courses and education for Blockchain Developers at our office in Berlin. (In-person courses can be commercialized, but won’t be commercialized until Q3).

As a result, the XDC Network will be able to attract developers and encourage them to build on it.
Our goal is to become an innovation hub for all Blockchain developers in Berlin and Europe.

This Initiative is an all-out work plan to manifest our position as one of the world's top Leading Blockchain Networks.

Our journey:

Organizing the most successful Hackathons to date on the XDC Network. With great feedback and divers participants (Developers of over 70+ Countries joined and 500+ in our latest Hackathon).

The biggest value comes from the open-source nature of the event. All code is open-source, and any developers can take it up to improve or start their own project on the code provided through the Hackathons.

To date, more than 26+ bounties have been created, reviewed, and paid out to Developers for developing projects and use cases on the XDC Network, to name a few of the participants and Solutions:

  •      XDC WEB3 Domains
  •      XDC Name Service
  •      Droppr (Tool for sending bulk transactions)
  •      Chainfiles (A live dApp to notarize your public or 
       private files)
  •      Accord ( Esignature collection on XDC Network)
  •      Crypto to Crypto gateways, 
  •      DeFi Contracts for XDC, 
  •      NFT based event Management and ticketing platform
  •      Flashloan protocol and much more … 
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Check out:
Hackathons: XDC Summer Hackathon
XDC DeFi Hackathons

  • We have been responsible from Idea of the Vision to production, coordinating different teams including:

    • Managing ressources
    • Managing graphic designers , content creators, Freelancers
    • Working closely with different international Lawyers to setup global valid rules for the Hackathons
    • Creating the Tasks and definitions
    • Developing an attractive Prize structure
    • Marketing outreach and social media campaigns (with over 1.5 Million total impressions to date)
    • New Launchpad options for Participants to bring their Projects to the market in Partnership with Globiance
    • Supporting developers throughout the event on discord, devpost, mail and other channels
    • Organized judges and Developers to evaluate projects
    • Coordinating & hosting event kick-off, technical discussions across different platforms and more...

2023 Goals & Deliverables:

The following is a list of the goals and deliverables the team will work towards:

  • Setup the XDC Governance Developer Community Europe office in Berlin in Q1 2023
  • Team development: 4 Developers (2 Senior Solidity, 1 Junior Solidity and Full stack), which will become part of governance in GDCE’s mission to further improve the decentralization of the XDC Network.
    In steady contact with developer teams in Berlin we will be implementing and providing suggestions to ensure XIP innovation/improvements and lessons we will learn from Developers and Projects in Berlin.

  • Become an innovation hub to support visionary entrepreneurs.

    • A catalyst for interdisciplinary research into new Blockchain technologies.
    • Free space: Our offices will have enough space for 4-5 local teams of our incubation program to work on their XDC projects.
  • Support the Developer Community

    • providing German translation to developer docs
  • Participate in Core developer meetings to improve and propose XIP

    • bring up Input, views and needs from European developers
  • Assist the XDC Community in developing an on-chain voting platform

  • Fund and support startup Layer2 protocols building on XDC chain with sustainability and commercialization in mind

  • Product building: Access to top-notch Blockchain architects and developers that build the right product for Industry Partners. A product that is secure, viable and scalable -

  • Innovate and develop custom solutions with cooperation and focus on needs of Partners and European regulators

  • Discover high-potential innovations in the blockchain technology domain through participation and organisation of:

    • Industry events, booths and Developer Meet-ups
  • In-house experts: Provide local business mentoring in different stages (Ideation, business development, MVP, implementation, and commercialization) for local startups Building on XDC

  • Facilitating global partnerships to attract best in class research and technology partners. Offering opportunities for developing business and technical skills to meet demands in academia and industry.

  • Aggressive sales strategy in place.

    • Two Senior Sales Executives with 10+ yrs experience in tech space. To get the Industry Partners we want.
    • Revenue operation Team that includes a full-time BDR in place.
  • The XDC GDCE becoming a place to discuss, progress, share ideas and best practices among Blockchain developers in Berlin.

  • Whether you are looking for a developer, salesperson or any type of profile, we will be building a pool of highly skilled Blockchain Professional Network members.

2023 Team

Positions include:
Can Inac - @supersnips Executive Lead
• Serkan Ecker - German Blockchain Support Specialist
• Matthias Büxenstein - @nmzn Cybersecurity Expert, Blockchain Specialist
• Senior Solidity Developer
• Senior Solidity Developer
• Junior Solidity Developer
• Full Stack Developer (starting Q1-Q2, 2023)
• Sales/Bd development Team (already in work)
• Marketing & social coordinator
• Content creator(s) an Copywriter(s)
• Freelancers

There will be new hiring during the operation, depending on the need and revenue. The hiring process should prioritize community members who fulfill the job specifications.

Sustainability and XDC Burn:

Sustainability is the priority, as outlined in this article we are obsessed to be self-sustaining within first 12 months of operation.
We are already working with Sales executives on a targeted go-to-market plan, developing the Sales playbook, defining the ICP.
Focussing on Industry needs and development, as the XDC Network has so much to offer in terms of possibilities, we need to match the right use-cases with the right partners!
GDCE will also work as incubator funding and scaling best Layer2 protocols in our office in Berlin.
As we have the Business Team already in place, we are confident to reach full financial sustainability in the estimated timeline.
After we reach self-sufficiency, 15% of all revenue will be used to burn XDC, Quarterly reported on on the 1st. of each quarter as XDC burn takes place.

Transparency and funding:

The Office will be open for Partners, Developers and XDC Community members to visit. Additionally quarterly updates will be launched on the forum.

The Governance developer Incubation Fund (locked Layer2 funding) of $500,000 will be locked and stay under XDC Ecosystem Development Fund custody. It will be partially requested for strategic investments in startups (with a working MVP) which were incubated by the GDCE in our office in Berlin.

2/3 of total funds will be released for the initial Kick-off phase.
1/3 will be released at the end of Q2, 2023 from the XDC Ecosystem Development Fund after the Office is set up and Team is in place, fully operational and working.

XDC Governance Developer Community Europe (GDCE)

Budget Image description


The need to grow the XDC Developer and Partner Network in Europe gets bigger with every day passing by. The whole Blockchain space is in a crucial phase, - European financial institutions will be preparing for the crypto and stablecoin regulatory framework next year. The Eurosystem will also start work on a digital euro payment scheme rulebook, Web 3.0 is about to see explosive growth and adoption. A place where people can collaborate to share knowledge and resources to create equitable outcomes for all without the erosion of privacy that characterizes Web 2.0 .-

Moving forward, there is no way around to set up this infrastructure in Europe for the XDC Network ASAP.
The presented Initiative is an all-out attack plan for the European market and developer community, in our opinion NOW is the time to move this forward.
By developing such an Entity in Berlin, Europe will strengthen the XDC Network. This would not only be a huge step towards real global decentralization, but it will also offer access to potential new talents and Partners.

Obviously, success doesn't happen overnight. But with our focus and dedication, we are committed to become one of the pillars of strength for the whole Ecosystem.

This Initiative will take the first months to go through regulatory approval, setup of the office, hiring, and getting familiar with the network for the new Dev team.(Q1)

We see 2023 as one of the most important years for the Crypto Industry.
We need to make the most of this huge opportunity for expanding the XDC Network in Europe.
A top Blockchain deserves and need top talent and Industry leading partners from all over the world.

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rodgers

We require your support to keep this mission moving forward, please take the time to comment and vote for funding approval:

After you’ve made your decision, please cast your vote in the comments section: Vote = YES -or- NO

Voting will start Thursday Nov.3 at 12AM CEST (UTC+1) and end Monday Nov.23 at 11:59PM CEST (UTC+1).

edit: this proposal has been extended after posting until ONCHAIN VOTE IS Ready to provide the community more time for discussion.

Logo Voting
We want to take this a step further and also let the community decided about the logo of the XDC Governance Developer Community Europe. If your Vote is in favor of this proposal, please also add a number to your Vote to decide about your prefered logo for the GDCE. We have 6 options to choose from.

Option 1
Image description

Option 2

Image description

Option 3
Image description

Option 4
Image description
Image description

Option 5
Image description
Image description
Image description
Image description

Option 6

Image description

Image description

thank you,

Your XDC GDCE Team

Discussion (122)

akhekade profile image
Atul Khekade • Edited on

This is a massive proposal and the team/people behind are really talented and dedicated to xdc community since inception.

I'd really like though if this is presented with some more depth in a month or so. At this time it's also getting overshadowed by XDC community proposal hence it's not getting much participation. Legal team responsible to manage multi sig will definitely not consider 10-11 votes.

I will not cast any vote any this time and request to extend dates.

Also any proposals from here on should be only presented with onchain voting dapp. XDC_community was one off proposal that i thought was worth going through without this process because they've agreed to get the voting dapp live.

I initially thought logo 6 but then logo 5 makes sense. Also i think each of these XDC logos can possibly add XDC the coin logo next to them in suitable colour combinations like the one attached

supersnips profile image
Supersnips Author • Edited on

Thank you Atul for the trust and taking the time to comment.

We are just one day in and the participation is already on a good track. While it will pick up until the end of the voting period, the GDCE presence in the Community will grow massively too.
This was scheduled to run until ONCHAIN VOTE IS READY.
We will further extend the vote to december,2022 to provide the Community 6 whole weeks for discussion and strenghten their view and positions on this proposal. We are here to answer any questions and provide more depth as required from the XDC Community, as it should be for decentralized projects. More time to engage, share their opinions and questions.
The MVP for the voting dApp is scheduled to be delivered in the first month after budget approval for XDC Community. We will be more then happy to propose this in the voting dApp, if it gets live in-time. (without any unexpected delays in deployment).

regarding your feedback on the logos: Our Graphic Designers are already on it and we will add more logo options in the coming days.

olivier_richard profile image
Olivier Richard • Edited on

I vote Yes! 🇪🇺🇨🇭

As the Managing Director of a Swiss-based regulated crypto company, using XDC based products and beeing a big supporter of the network, I am delighted to lend my full support to the XDC Governance Developer Community Europe initiative. Europe has a thriving crypto community with many experts, projects, and developers, and this initiative represents an excellent opportunity to capitalize on that potential and grow the XDC Network.

One of the major benefits of focusing on Europe is the region's clear legal structure in terms of crypto and blockchain. This creates a stable and predictable environment for compnies/projects, which is critical for the growth and adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

I believe that being based in Switzerland, a country known for its regulatory framework and reputation as a global center for finance and technology, is an ideal location for fostering the growth of the XDC Network.

I am working on developing and implementing strategies to grow the business and increase market share in the Swiss/European market - always with the word XDC. Therefore, I would extremely welcome to have the XDC Network as a neighbor in Berlin.

I vote for Logo #5

supersnips profile image
Supersnips Author

absolutely! Thanks for taking the time and sharing your thoughts.

harry_lowny profile image
Harry Lowny

Vote : Yes

Very ambitious and perfect timing. It’s looking like 2023 is the bridge year with 2024 / 2025 being the first years to have both feet planted on the other side for what’s coming to market in Web 3.

mrblockchain22 profile image
Salomon Morales

I vote = YES
We need representation in all parts of the world. The more presence we show across the globe, the more realistic the network becomes. Presence is just a tiny bit of the whole picture. Track record of success on those quarterly events planned and executed will speak for GDCE and I am looking forward to seeing those successes.

I vote for logo #5

amine_echtati_5e305a4a7c0 profile image
Amine Echtati

This is a verry much needed "Europeen team " to grow more the echosystem and making it more decentralised and not just the same people doing it all .. + theHackathons are really amazing and he deserve to have his role in all of this + he was there since early days way before all of us to help and educate all on how this network worked .

My vote is a Yes and should be concidered seriously

supersnips profile image
Supersnips Author

thank you!

sean_ profile image


I'll not get into the funding part as that's not my area of expertise but I support any effort from the community that makes the project more decentralized and increases the community participation and development effort on the XDC Network.

boris_xdc_b7b9a25940bb63d profile image
Boris XDC



As a European, I fully support the Developer Community Europe.

In any case, there is help needed in the short to medium future when it comes to the (perm) hiring of;

• Senior Solidity Developer (starting Q1, 2023)
• Senior Solidity Developer (starting Q1, 2023)
• Junior Solidity Developer (starting Q1, 2023)
• Full Stack Developer (starting Q1-Q2, 2023)
• Sales/Bd development Team (already in work)
• Marketing & social coordinator
• Content creator(s) an Copywriter(s)
• Freelancers

Feel free to let me know. My company has a Recruitment arm and also covered Berlin / wider DACH for TECH hires.

naonnaonan profile image
tanda Seru


I'll not get into the funding part as that's not my area of expertise but I support any effort from the community that makes the project more decentralized and increases the community participation and development effort on the XDC Network.

james_love_23979d134fec2b profile image
James Love

VOTE = YES and 5 (continuity/recognition with main XDC logo)

Very ambitious and perfect timing. It’s looking like 2023 is the bridge year with 2024 / 2025 being the first years to have both feet planted on the other side for what’s coming to market in Web 3.0 . Congrats!

kenexisaiah51 profile image
Kenex Isaiah

Vote : Yes

Logo Vote : Option 6

A project with a professionally team which has a clear development plan.

supersnips profile image
Supersnips Author

thank you

jackbtcx profile image

Yes - 5

markdavidlopez6 profile image

Vote: YES LOGO #5

unthung_suropati profile image
unthung suropati


Option 6

ryan_mcbride_1759097aafd3 profile image
Ryan Mcbride

yes - 5

janpeter profile image
Kalevan Tähti

Thanks for this information and voting.
My vote: YES
Logo: option 5.

supersnips profile image
Supersnips Author

thank you

gianongoru_bdb88b4ac3308d profile image

I vote : Yesss

Amazing project ❤

oajayi599 profile image
Joshua Amos


I Vote for logo Option 5

Intelligent and innovative project.

brutus86 profile image

Vote : Yes
Logo : Option 5

xxxxx_xdc profile image

VOTE = YES - 1

zseven profile image
Luthfi 007


den_wadi_e917878409862b15 profile image
Den Wadi


kwertiii_52da51074cf842c4 profile image

I vote for "YES"

and i am picking logo number 3, simple but meaningful, it shows like an Earth linking communities together.

supersnips profile image
Supersnips Author

thanks for the feedback!

inlit profile image

YES! I vote for Option 5

_toshiboo profile image

vote yes
option 6

sean profile image


daniel_weber_eaba2f02503a profile image
daniel weber


jerome_1c04e3012ea3c133b4 profile image

I voted yes and prefer logo #5👌👌

michaelbrns profile image


I am GER Full-Stack dev. and can only confirm Berlin is full of talent!!

azizojil profile image

Vote : Yes

Logo Vote : Option 6

Great Project!

billy_adams profile image
Billy Sebell • Edited on

It is a true testament to the growth and strength of this community to see these proposals posted here on The network is at the beginnings of a very exciting stage, one in which we will witness a steep curve towards greater decentralization and the expansion of developers and initiatives on every continent.

Can is a long time community member who has worked tirelessly to curate this community. The work done on the hackathons, his understanding of blockchain and his egalitarian approach to decentralization and community development has brought incredible value to the community and I support his efforts to bring this type of focus and initiative to Europe.

There are many opportunities which can be developed in Europe where the regulatory environment is clearer than the US, which is why building this community effort in Berlin seems to make a lot of sense.

I believe that as we develop this process of proposals here, we will begin to see more and more demand for funds from innovative teams looking to create a friendly and more supportive environment on the network.

Ease of building on the network and resources to support dev teams and entrepreneurs are important factors leading to accelerated growth on the network, leading us closer to a tipping point in the industry where XDC Network stands out among the top projects.

Industry participation is also critical in bringing about awareness and connecting with industry projects and peers and I am glad to see it in this proposal.

With all that said, I think there are some important details which need to be considered.

In order to reach sustainability in year 2 or even 1.5 years into this initiative, it is going to require a run rate of nearly in $39K of weekly revenue. 37% of that weekly cost will be required for fixed overhead of office space, furniture and fixtures, etc.

While I understand the space will be used as an incubator for projects looking to launch, it is a large number out of the gate and a potential burden for an entity in a startup phase. There is also an additional cost of $3200/week for events which brings the total % of Overhead and shows to nearly 45% of weekly costs.

With sustainability being a main focus of this initiative, it begs the question, is there a way to start with a smaller commitment to fixed overhead so that pressure to meet such a high run rate in such a short period of time is reduced?

I understand that the office space will be used for events/training which will produce revenue but with an event marketing budget of less than 1% of the total ask and no other marketing in the proposal, it seems like it could be a tall task so quickly out of the gate.

There is not any mention of hackathons funds for allocated to them, which do not seem to be coming out of the events budget or bounties.

suggestions for more details:
a) Are we get a better understanding of the cost breakdown of the office space and events?
b) Is there a way to achieve sustainability by starting off with smaller fixed costs and growing the budget as you grow?
c) Are you not planning on having hackathons in the future?
d) Can the $500K funding for L2 projects be unlocked on an as needed basis as opposed to 2/3 at kickoff?

Can and team, thank you for the work you put into this proposal. I am exited to think about the good that can come from this for the network and ecosystem growth.

I also think that this is a great place to have this discussion and see how we can support these types of initiatives to succeed.

I vote for logo = 5

I will add my vote after more feedback and discussion.

Thanks, Billy

supersnips profile image
Supersnips Author

Hey Billy,

thanks for taking the time to read the proposal and provide your great Input!

a) Let me provide more details, Berlin is one of the most expensive cities for rental housing in Europe, a year-on-year price increase of nearly 40 percent for just one-bedroom apartments. Same for Offices. Office costs will always be one of the main expenses.
A smaller office average costs for the team, with room for courses + 1-2 more Incubation Teams, is around $30k. Everything similar, we can secure for a lower price, will be only adding to our operation time with the proposed budget.
As you've mentioned, it is a very good idea to start with a smaller office and scale up depending on demand, so the office budget could very well cover over 18+Months of office rent costs and with coming revenue this will increase until reaching self-sufficiency.
The outlined costs in the proposal, is where we see this initiative getting within the first 12 Months of operation.
It is important to have the liquidity on-hand when needed to scale immediately.

b) Regarding marketing costs, the developers and Teams we are targeting are in Berlin. It will be a local marketing with mainly In-person efforts on Events and networking. The Sales team does only need a salary and no marketing Budget to reach out to potential Partners worldwide.
To add, I won't be getting any salary, only $1 each month symbolically, until we reach full financial sustainability.
This is to show our dedication for the XDC Network and that I fully stand behind the potential of this proposal.
Marketing and advertising on influential local key developer platforms is a lot more cost-effective than a global marketing outreach.
Berlin is a Blockchain "Powerhouse".
Following, you can see a list of some of the upcoming Blockchain events in Berlin.
Most are free of cost to attend, and advertising / sponsoring is very low cost compared to global events. . Our biggest asset for advertising will be the Incubation program.
This is a big asset to local Blockchain Event organizers too, and it's worth more than just sponsoring the events, that's why we see the marketing Budget as sufficient for this effort.

c) We are planning for future Hackathons, but just not with Budget from XF or just minimal for the next one. We want to encourage Industry participation, sponsorship and innovation partnerships + talent recruitment funnel for interested parties. All three are commercialized efforts. Due to this fact, we haven't planned a budget for Hackathons from XF because we are certain that we won't need it after the next Hackathon.

d) the $500k funding for L2 projects will be locked and stay under XDC Ecosystem Development Fund custody. It will be partially requested for strategic investments in startups (with a working MVP) which were incubated by the GDCE in our office in Berlin. We won't have any access to the funding.