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Discussion on: XDC Developer Community EUROPE!

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Atul Khekade • Edited on

This is a massive proposal and the team/people behind are really talented and dedicated to xdc community since inception.

I'd really like though if this is presented with some more depth in a month or so. At this time it's also getting overshadowed by XDC community proposal hence it's not getting much participation. Legal team responsible to manage multi sig will definitely not consider 10-11 votes.

I will not cast any vote any this time and request to extend dates.

Also any proposals from here on should be only presented with onchain voting dapp. XDC_community was one off proposal that i thought was worth going through without this process because they've agreed to get the voting dapp live.

I initially thought logo 6 but then logo 5 makes sense. Also i think each of these XDC logos can possibly add XDC the coin logo next to them in suitable colour combinations like the one attached

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Supersnips Author • Edited on

Thank you Atul for the trust and taking the time to comment.

We are just one day in and the participation is already on a good track. While it will pick up until the end of the voting period, the GDCE presence in the Community will grow massively too.
This was scheduled to run until ONCHAIN VOTE IS READY.
We will further extend the vote to december,2022 to provide the Community 6 whole weeks for discussion and strenghten their view and positions on this proposal. We are here to answer any questions and provide more depth as required from the XDC Community, as it should be for decentralized projects. More time to engage, share their opinions and questions.
The MVP for the voting dApp is scheduled to be delivered in the first month after budget approval for XDC Community. We will be more then happy to propose this in the voting dApp, if it gets live in-time. (without any unexpected delays in deployment).

regarding your feedback on the logos: Our Graphic Designers are already on it and we will add more logo options in the coming days.