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[Informative] How to Connect your subnet to BlocksPay wallet an easy guide.

Unveil the capabilities of XDC Subnet, a robust innovation enabling the construction of secure, expandable, and decentralized networks within the XDC Ecosystem. This technology facilitates multiple functionalities, from crafting exclusive subnetworks to launching decentralized applications (DApps), presenting a spectrum of potential uses. This comprehensive guide will lead you through the steps of initiating your unique XDC Subnet, ushering in a world of opportunities.

Check out the "XDC Subnet Installation Guide: Building a Secure and Scalable Network."

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Let's Connect the BlocksPay to Subnet

Step 1: Download the Wallet extension from BlocksPay

Step 2: Follow wallet instruction to Create a new wallet

Step 3: Click top middle network selector button and "Add a network manually"

  • Click on "Change Network" and then "Manage Network" button.

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  • Then click on three lines and select "Custom Network".

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Enter your Subnet Network details:

Network name: network_name
New RPC URL: http://localhost:8545 or http://<MAIN_IP>:8545
Chain ID: chain_id
Currency symbol: symbol
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Once you have filled all the details click on "Add network" button
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This is how you will be able to see the subnet network detail on Blockspay

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Step 4: Click account selector and "select Import account from another wallet", paste your "grandmaster Private Key"

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once you have paste your private key you will be asked to enter your wallet extension password(BlocksPay wallet)for extra security and then "import acount" button.
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Step 5: Now access your Subnet URL and access the "Login" tab under the "Management" tab.

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Step 6: Once you are on Login Portal, click on the "Connect Wallet" button to connect the XDC Network using BlocksPay Wallet and Click on the "Connect" button of BlocksPay screen.

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This is how, your Subnet will connect to BlocksPay Wallet.

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Some Reference links:

XDC Subnet Installation Guide Building a Secure and Scalable Network.

Checkout the guide for XDC Subnet user interface

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really good and thorough guide.