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[Informative] Things to remember while setting up XDC-Subnet to avoid failure


This article aims to assist you if you encounter problems while configuring your subnet. If you've set up a subnet and encounter issues, particularly when you face permission denied errors or errors related to images that are already pulled, here are some steps to resolve them:

For Permission Denied Errors:

If you encounter a "permission denied" error when running commands, prepend sudo to your commands like this: sudo your-command.

For Errors Related to Pulled Images:

If you encounter errors indicating that an image is already pulled, follow these steps:

  1. First, check if the Docker system already contains the image by running the command:
sudo docker images
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  1. If the image is listed, proceed to delete it by using the following command, replacing <Image ID> with the actual image ID:
sudo docker rmi <Image ID>
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  1. Once you've deleted the specific image, return to the video and article guide to set up XDC-Subnet. You can find the guide in the following resources:

We hope these steps help resolve your issues and enable you to successfully set up your XDC-Subnet.

Thank you for reading!

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darrin_nardi_59c49537d539 profile image
Darrin Nardi

When will the XDC (xinfin) be up and running again? I cannot access it through my ledger nano now.

vrushali_panchal profile image
Vrushali Panchal • Edited on

Stay tuned for the upgraded features on the Beta - XDC Web wallet! It will be back live in the next 48 hours. Updates will be provided shortly!

In the meantime, use Metamask to access your Ledger for the XDC Network. Check out this link for guidance: