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[Informative] Things to remember while setting up XDC-Subnet to avoid failure


This article aims to assist you if you encounter problems while configuring your subnet. If you've set up a subnet and encounter issues, particularly when you face permission denied errors or errors related to images that are already pulled, here are some steps to resolve them:

For Permission Denied Errors:

If you encounter a "permission denied" error when running commands, prepend sudo to your commands like this: sudo your-command.

For Errors Related to Pulled Images:

If you encounter errors indicating that an image is already pulled, follow these steps:

  1. First, check if the Docker system already contains the image by running the command:
sudo docker images
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  1. If the image is listed, proceed to delete it by using the following command, replacing <Image ID> with the actual image ID:
sudo docker rmi <Image ID>
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  1. Once you've deleted the specific image, return to the video and article guide to set up XDC-Subnet. You can find the guide in the following resources:

We hope these steps help resolve your issues and enable you to successfully set up your XDC-Subnet.

Thank you for reading!

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