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XDC Community Discord & XIP

Hello XDC Community

I wanted to let everyone know about the XDC Community Discord server and post an invite link here to join. This server is for the entire XDC community but has been specifically built for XDC Network developers, builders, and participants. It is a place for everyone to discuss important topics, issues, ask questions or help others, and anything else related to the network.

Many of you may already know about the XDC Community and XIP GitHub initiatives announced recently. This Wednesday, August 31 at 10am EDT, there will be a community call in the Discord server to discuss them both. XIP is an important topic that needs input from the dev community so participation is encouraged. An invite link with server and community call details are below.

XDC Community Discord:
Wednesday August 31, 2022 10am EDT
XDC Community voice channel

Call will be recorded and archived for future XIP reference
New members must read the community guidelines and finish the verification process to access the server.

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