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All the amazing projects built on XDC Network at ETH Barcelona.

ETH Barcelona, renowned for celebrating the values of decentralization, public goods, and social impact, provided a platform for web3 builders, leaders, thinkers, artists, and creators to connect and collaborate. The event demonstrated the continuous growth and influence of XDC Network within the blockchain space.

For more information on the projects built on XDC Network at ETH Barcelona, visit: ETH Barcelona Devfolio Projects. All the amazing projects built on XDC Network at ETH Barcelona are listed below.


TimeFi is a platform that tokenizes hours for valuable exchanges, addressing issues like lack of meaningful interactions, scheduling complications, and fair compensation. With an ERC20 token system and advanced technology, TimeFi aims to reshape communication and improve cash flow in professional consultations.
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Pitstop Protocol

Pitstop Protocol empowers developers to build interactive, immersive, and blockchain-powered fantasy sports games with real-time data and user-owned assets, solving challenges in the gaming industry. By integrating blockchain, simplifying real-time interactions, and enhancing user engagement, Pitstop Protocol makes fantasy sports gaming more accessible, immersive, and rewarding. Despite technical challenges in handling sports data and designing equitable scoring systems, the protocol successfully overcame obstacles to deliver a versatile solution for blockchain gaming.
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AtomiK is the first DEX to perform cross-chain atomic swaps using ZK technology, ensuring secure bridging between the Aleo and XDC (EVM compatible) blockchains. It solves liquidity issues, reduces slippage risk, and enables secure cross-chain transactions. However, challenges arose in implementing signature verification for Aleo Tech and the time constraints for deploying the complete DEX.
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xdcX — Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs) on XDC

xdcX is a novel solution for Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs) on the XDC network. It addresses the lack of liquidity in staked assets by creating derivative tokens (xdcX) that retain ownership of the stake while providing liquidity, tradability, and yield generation. This unlocks the value of staked assets and enables users to engage in DeFi activities, overcoming the limitations of locked tokens.
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Sniffer is a comprehensive solution for navigating the complexities of the NFT market. It provides live alerts on listed NFTs, evaluates rarity, and offers an automatic purchase feature to secure preferred NFTs at optimal prices. Challenges faced include the inability to obtain listing data from Prime Numbers, but the team is working on a solution to make the minimum viable product fully functional in the near future.
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Token Toucan

Token Toucan is an all-in-one Discord bot that provides real-time notifications for XDC blockchain events, ensuring users never miss any transactions. It simplifies the web3 learning process by offering a familiar interface and customizable alerts for smart contracts, enhancing the user experience and fostering community engagement. The main challenge faced was implementing live notifications, but clever thinking and the use of Deno with TypeScript helped overcome it.
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UANS (Universal Asset Numbering Scheme) addresses the challenge of structuring and creating uniformity for digital assets across different chains. It enables developers to build faster and allows brands and celebrities to map their assets with UANS for easy access. The structured approach of UANS promotes interoperability and the addition of dynamic data to NFTs, similar to modifying assets in the Metaverse. Challenges encountered include deploying contracts on multiple chains, verifying them, and hashing assets.
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Khrêsmós is a decentralized oracle designed for the XDC blockchain, providing accurate data computation and transmission from various nodes. It solves the problem of DeFi dApps needing reliable price feeds to avoid losses, incorporating game theory principles. Challenges encountered include addressing the vulnerability of oracles and ensuring a price feed that accurately reflects the underlying asset.
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SportsNTF addresses the challenges of transparency, validation, and monetization in sports by utilizing NFTs. It solves issues such as intrusive verification processes, record keeping difficulties, and potential fraud in sports credentials. NFTs offer advantages to athletes, including ownership, portability, record keeping, and future opportunities for digital autographs and fan interactions. Additionally, SportsNTF enables federations to monetize through verified sports clubs, digital collectibles, and expansion into sports governance and licensing. Challenges faced included creating a smart contract on Ethereum for NFT minting and facilitating NFT transfers between federation and athlete users on the XDC Network.
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DEVOW: Decentralized Vowing

DEVOW: Decentralized Vowing is a crowdfunding platform that addresses the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in accessing capital, global reach, transparency, trust, investor protection, liquidity, and investment returns. The team encountered challenges with the faucet not working but successfully used Arbitrum to test their smart contracts.
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PurrfecSwap: Dex & Lending Platform

PurrfecSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) and lending platform on the XDC Network that empowers peer-to-peer trade and financial freedom. It solves the problem of the lack of a fully functional AMM-based DEX on the XDC Network, enabling decentralized and efficient financial transactions. Challenges faced during development included complex smart contract development, designing a reliable oracle system for real-time price feeds, and creating a secure and fair lending protocol.
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Visage Finance

Visage Finance combines the efficiency of the XDC network with the credibility of Ethereum, humanizing the DeFi experience. By linking XDC wallets to Ethereum Name Service (ENS) handles, users can enjoy personalized and recognizable asset transfers, while synchronized reputation enhances security and trust.
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Impactus empowers social change by leveraging blockchain technology. It allows users to donate to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), earn SDGS NFTs, and make a tangible impact. By providing a decentralized platform, Impactus addresses issues of traditional funding, transparency, donor engagement, and project validation, while overcoming deployment, transaction processing, framework integration, chain speed, and wallet integration challenges during development.
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No Fear NFTs. ERC-721 Extension for NFTs and DeFi

nfNFTs (No Fear NFTs) is an ERC-721 extension that empowers creators by combining NFT projects with robust DeFi mechanics, providing a risk-free environment for collectors. It addresses the fear and uncertainty associated with NFT investments, introducing revolutionary DeFi mechanics such as staking and burn-to-withdraw features. The platform also simplifies NFT project creation, offering a user-friendly interface and tools for easy collection development. Challenges encountered included the absence of a Liquidity Staking Derivative (LSD) on certain networks, such as testnets or XDC.
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Standard Defi Protocol interfaces

The ERC4626 Vault Standard and ERC6551 Token Bound Account provide standardized interfaces for integrating various DeFi protocols, enabling easier composability and integration in any Dapp. These standards facilitate the grouping of yield-bearing asset portfolios into a single tradable entity, simplifying the management of tokens with different APR and risk profiles. Challenges encountered included the lack of publicly available interfaces and code for existing DeFi projects, leading to the implementation of a basic “defi” protocol and integration with UniswapV3 to showcase the integration possibilities.
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Gather aims to solve the challenges of online dating by helping people form meaningful offline connections. With a 48-hour time limit and a stake requirement, Gather encourages accountability and reduces excessive chatting. It assists users in planning and suggesting meetups based on location and interests, provides conversation starters, and even incorporates a community pool for charitable donations if one party fails to show up. Challenges encountered included issues with documentation for endaoment, deploying smart contracts locally with hardhat, and finding examples of XRC20 contracts.
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XDCSwap v3

XDCSwap v3 addresses the limitations of DeFi on the XDC chain by deploying Uniswap v3 on the XDC mainnet. The lack of recent tooling and updated DEX options prompted the need for a more advanced solution. Challenges encountered included difficulties with prefixed addresses, broken testnet tools, non-functional XDCPay, limited information on the ecosystem, and the absence of public tooling like The Graph.
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Nativo is an advanced ERC20 token that improves upon Wrapped Ether (WETH) by offering gas-efficient operations, flash loans, and additional functionalities for smoother DeFi transactions. It simplifies the use of wrapped tokens, enhances interoperability, and achieves significant gas savings. Challenges encountered during development included managing storage layout and addressing critical bugs related to storage overwrites, which were resolved through a deep understanding of Solidity and comprehensive testing strategies.
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XDC Network continues to push the boundaries of blockchain technology, driving innovation, and creating opportunities for collaboration. With a successful presence at ETH Barcelona, the network solidified its position as a prominent player in the blockchain ecosystem.

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Wow! This is amazing! Each hackathon brings the best teams to develop on XDC!