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Decentralized Freelance Platform – Find Jobs, Post Listings, and Transact Seamlessly on the XDC Network with MetaMask

Application name: CREED

Problem statement: In the evolving freelance job market, professionals face challenges accessing diverse job opportunities, navigating cumbersome payment processes, and ensuring transaction security. Organizations, on the other hand, struggle to efficiently reach qualified freelancers and manage seamless payment transactions. This creates a gap in the freelance ecosystem, highlighting the need for a decentralized platform that simplifies job searching, posting, and secure, low-fee transactions to enhance the overall freelancing experience.

Built at DimoHack_VITAP

Personal Information:

Team name: Coder’s Creed

Team members and their roles:

Adhil S (Frontend developer)
Ankam (UI/UX Designer)
Lathika D (Frontend developer)
Gokul (Blockchain developer)

Our product contains:

User-Friendly Interface:
An intuitive design ensures effortless navigation, enhancing the user experience for both freelancers and organizations. For designing the interface, we took help from a GitHub repository (

Decentralized Job Board:
A comprehensive platform where freelancers can easily find diverse job opportunities and organizations can effortlessly post listings.

Secure Payment Integration with MetaMask:
Seamless integration with MetaMask and the XDC network ensures secure, transparent, and low-fee payment transactions.

Real-Time Messaging System:
A built-in messaging system facilitates direct communication between freelancers and organizations, streamlining collaboration.

Robust Search and Filtering Options:
Advanced search and filtering capabilities help freelancers find relevant jobs and enable organizations to identify suitable candidates efficiently.

How we implemented this idea:

In developing Creed, we utilized a modern tech stack, primarily centered around React, to craft a responsive and intuitive user interface. This interface serves as the main gateway to our decentralized job board. We integrated a robust backend to support the job board, enabling freelancers to search and apply for various job listings and organizations to post new opportunities effortlessly.

One of the critical challenges we tackled was the integration of MetaMask with the XDC network for secure payment transactions. Implementing this feature required in-depth understanding and meticulous planning. We utilized Web3.js to facilitate the connection with MetaMask, allowing users to make secure and transparent transactions on the XDC network. Despite the complexity of this integration, our team's collaborative effort and problem-solving skills enabled us to successfully incorporate this crucial feature, ensuring a safe and efficient payment system for our users.

To further enhance the user experience, we implemented advanced search and filtering options. These features allow both freelancers and organizations to find and identify relevant job opportunities or suitable candidates efficiently based on specific criteria.

To support our users effectively, we established a dedicated support and help center, integrating a ticketing system to address users' queries and concerns promptly. This support system ensures a responsive and supportive environment, enhancing the overall user experience and satisfaction on the Creed platform.

Our developers social handle:

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