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Plugin's internal hackathon- 1 week, 4 teams, 5 game changing DApps

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Each and every member of the Plugin team demonstrated the quote through the internal hackathon conducted during the first week of Feb 2023.
The launch of Plugin roadmap 2023 has received a huge welcome from our community members and our team is all geared up to start accomplishing the goals set for 2023. One such initiative is to conduct an internal hackathon within our own team members by splitting ourselves into 4 teams and developing 5 innovative dApps that are part of our Roadmap for 2023.
This initiative blended perfectly with the visit of @cryptomitch Ronald Mitchell, a distinguished guest from XDC community and a key member of our advisory board who encouraged our team for the brilliant efforts, meticulously judged the ideas, provided ideas for next steps and announced the winners of the a week long active and enthusiastic hackathon.

Listing the projects that were developed as part of the internal hackathon:

Flight Delay Compensation: Raghuram and Jurjees are announced as the winners of the hackathon for their flawless execution of the idea and smooth demo of the product which leverages Plugin decentralized oracle, gets the flight schedule and delays and automatically settles the claim for any delay of the flight for the registered users.
Fractional Real Estate: Lokesh and Karthick presented this project that allows individuals to expand their investment portfolio by buying fractional tokens of high valued real estate properties
Crop Loss Compensation: Satheesh, Nasreen and Lokesh developed this project which leverages Plugin WFN(Weather forecast Nodes), reads the adverse climatic changes in an area and automatically settles the claim to the registered farmers.
Emergency Care Application: Raghuram and Jurjeesahamed developed another dApp that will impact the lives of direct end customers and save the golden hours of human lives during emergency situations.
Real time Air pollution tracking: Naresh Mohanraj and Meghana developed this dApp and provided a real time demo of a sensor recording the air pollution and transferring the data to blockchain using Plugin Decentralized oracle.

Thanks to our founders @vinod_khurana_e63695bf5cd and @kapilkhurana for providing this opportunity and you rightly mentioned that each and every idea is a winner and all of us should feel proud of developing a game changing Dapp within a short period of time.

This hackathon also provided us an opportunity to demo some of our projects to Mr. Billy Sebell, Executive Director at XDC Foundation and Director of Ecosystem Development North America at XDC Hybrid Blockchain Network USA who visited our Plugin office and spent his valuable time to discuss about our roadmap, see demo of our projects and shared his insightful feedback.

Also, as another proud moment, Plugin signed global partnership deal with Blockedge and MedAwatar to enhance the utility of XDC's Defi and Fintech Ecosystem. Leadership visits and global partnerships has brought more positive energy to both our community members and our team to bring more innovation in the web3 space.
More details about the partnership can be found here :

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