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Blockchain and Health Information Systems: A Vital Partnership for the Digital Age

Blockchain with its inbuilt features such as distributed ledger, decentralized storage, cryptographic encryption and immutability is now being used in many industries such as Finance, Healthcare, Edtech, Real estate, Gaming and many more. Multiple researches are happening across the globe in Blockchain technology and numerous use cases are discovered and developed everyday in these industries. Having deepened its roots in the Finance industry, Blockchain is now being considered as an effective way of addressing various concerns in the Healthcare industry.

The Healthcare industry is highly driven by regulations and two main problems that blockchain technology can address is secure transmission of the Electronic Health records/sensitive data and interoperability of the application between various entities in the Healthcare ecosystem.
Patient centric Healthcare ecosystem comprises hospitals, labs, pharmacies, ambulance services and other entities which need access to Patient health records and the transfer of the data has to be secured and follow guidelines set by regulatory bodies such as HIPAA, HL7 etc., The innovative design of blockchain solution, addresses critical data security, deployment, and installation challenges and provides the healthcare community to connect the entities in a secured manner.

While hospital and patient data management is one of the core sector of healthcare, Blockchain can be used in other aspects of the healthcare industry such as

  • Complete supply chain solution for Drug manufacturing ensuring authenticity of the critical drugs

  • Distributed ledger technology for the Medical devices company to store the records for regulatory audits

  • Blockchain combined with IoT technology for transmitting data from medical sensors and interventional treatments. Using AI and ML on these secure data can lead to a proactive identification of diseases and discovery of life saving drugs.

Plugin has already begun development of Healthcare DApps that can run in the powerful XDC network. Plugin’s Emergency Connect App is a global initiative to provide support to the public in case of any medical emergencies and deliver patient’s critical data to ambulance, emergency control room and patient’s care takers. Plugin’s ECA empowers medical service professionals to deliver the treatment on time and utilize every minute of the patient’s golden hour. Plugin is also working on an enterprise level hospital management DApp that can securely connect the patients to healthcare ecosystem partners and remove the hassles of getting treatment on time, getting insurance approval on time and most importantly, have complete control of their electronic health records. Refer to Plugin’s 2023 roadmap for further details.

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