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Plugin, Decentralized Oracle
Plugin, Decentralized Oracle

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Plugin and Blockedge Forge a Global Partnership to Enhance the Utility of XDC’s DeFi & Fintech Ecosystem

Plugin and Blockedge recently announced an exclusive partnership that brings together the market-leading strengths of each firm to enhance the offering and utility of XDC’s DeFi and Fintech Ecosystem. That’s to be achieved by leveraging Plugin's decentralized oracle built on the XDC network to decentralize numerous E-commerce and other Web 3.0 spaces.

The landmark partnership seeks to redefine the way e-commerce marketplaces create decentralized and distributed transaction histories and asset statuses, helping maintain the resulting ledgers for each system in real-time.

And as more people increasingly turn to e-commerce marketplaces to purchase an array of products, this collaboration enables the combining of leading expertise in identifying and sourcing opportunities leading to the development of more robust decentralized applications for the global market.

The MoU signing ceremony was held on 9th February 2023 at Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights in Dubai. The event was graced by Mr. Billy Sebell, Executive Director at XDC Foundation and Director of Ecosystem Development North America at XDC Hybrid Blockchain Network USA who was the distinguished Chief Guest for the ceremony., Mr. Anand Kumar, Chief Revenue Office, SecureKloud Tehnologies Limited., Mr. Srinivas Mahankali Director, SecureKloud Technologies Ltd & Chief Business Officer, Blockedge Technolgies Inc., Mr. Ronald Mitchell from USA, Mr. Prasanna Lohar, Mr. Thani Al Ketbi, Mr. Faris El-Malik and Col (Dr.) Inderjeet Singh who are Distinguished Advisory Board Members for Plugin along with Mr. Vinod Khurana, Co-Founder - Plugin and CEO, Suvik Group and Mr. Kapil Khurana, Co-Founder – Plugin and Director of Suvik Group in UAE.

Our honorable Chief Guest, Mr. Billy Sebell stated, "The creation of the joint venture between two conglomerates has come at the right time and place and will give immense potential to add value to the blockchain ecosystem as a whole and particularly for the XDC community."

Leveraging the collective expertise of Plugin and Blockedge, together with SecureKloud and XDC network’s ecosystem, the collaboration will add impetus to key areas in the organizations’ dApp development. These areas touch on:

● dApp conceptualization
● dApp architecture and development
● dApp consultancy
● dApp launches---from whitepaper creation to listing dApp tokens on top-tier exchanges.

Through the collaboration, leveraging Plugin, XDC’s decentralized oracle and Blockedge’s unique expertise in enterprise blockchain networks across varied industries becomes a reality. Together, the organizations will help tailor decentralized applications that convert siloed transactions into more decentralized forms--- all while ensuring utmost data security and data governance capabilities.

To add, the global partnership seeks to increase the offering and utility of DeFi and Fintech ecosystem on the XDC network through:

● The launch of more than 10 decentralized applications, every year.
● Working on proprietary systems, tools, and technologies that will eliminate barriers to adoption for enterprise blockchain systems, catalyzing the adoption of Web3 ecosystems across the globe.

Lastly, the new partnership is consistent with Plugin and Blockedge’s expansion objectives, targeting to increase the offering and utility of DeFi and Fintech ecosystems through decentralized data oracles and enterprise blockchain systems.

Key Partners and Stakeholders:

About Plugin
Plugin is a highly secure and scalable decentralized oracle network that’s built on the XDC Network. The decentralized oracle network provides cost-effective, tamper-proof, and reliable data feeds to support smart contracts in the XDC ecosystem. Through Plugin, XDC-based smart contracts connect with the world in real time and receive trustable data feeds from a network of node operators around the globe.

Plugin’s main interests include decentralization of business models---including but not limited to prediction markets, pricing indexes, Fintech and DeFi, SaaS, etc.

Plugin (ticker: PLI) is currently listed on top-tier crypto exchanges such as XT.COM, BitMart, Bitrue, Probit Global, Globiance etc.

For more information regarding Plugin, kindly visit

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Plugin’s white paper 2.0. to understand recent improvements in the oracle's architecture.
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About Blockedge
Blockedge is an infrastructure automation platform that facilitates end-to-end blockchain infrastructure management. The platform employs a zero-coding approach to enterprise blockchain, facilitating the seamless integration of new blockchain solutions with existing systems.
Blockedge ensures that business focuses on their use case, rather than the technicalities associated with the initial setup of enterprise blockchain solutions. Benefits of partnering with Blockedge include zero-coding deployment of use cases, UI-driven infrastructure management, multi-cloud and multi-blockchain platform support, tight governance and security mechanisms, and more.

For more information on Blockedge, kindly visit

As well, kindly visit:

Blockedge’s white papers to learn more about their unique product offerings.
Blockedge’s Frequently asked questions (FAQ) page to learn more.

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Ritesh kakkad

congratulations plugin team members

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Plugin, Decentralized Oracle Author

Thanks a lot for your kind wishes along with continuous guidance and support.

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Another testament to the dedication & innovation of the GoPlugin team who rise to challenges of an ever evolving eco-system. Congratulations team.


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Plugin, Decentralized Oracle Author

Thanks a lot for your kind wishes!

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What a great partnership. Congratulations Plugin Team!

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Plugin, Decentralized Oracle Author

Many thanks!

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this is huge