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XDCRPC - Decentralized RPC Service for XDC Network, Welcome You to Run Nodes and Get Rewarded.

RPCs are crucial building blocks for decentralized projects and apps used by blockchain developers. The RPC services help developers deploy decentralized apps and allow regular users to access Web3 without running their own node. Looking at the drastic adoption of XDC Network, BlocksScan decided to provide the XDC Network community with the decentralized RPC. BlocksScan welcomes you to XDCRPC - the fastest, free, and most reliable DECENTRALIZED RPC endpoint for the XinFin XDC network.

What is RPC?
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a software communication protocol that allows one program to request services from another system, without having to understand that system’s network.

RPC requests are used to obtain data from the XDC Network node when an XDC Network dApp is active. After then, specifically created RPC nodes (also known as RPC endpoints) handle RPC requests from decentralized applications (dApps), process transactions using the network's validator protocol, and return the information the dApp requested.

RPCs, which developers utilize to communicate with the blockchain, have typically come from either centralized, for-profit suppliers or unreliable public services. BlocksScan is committed to enhancing the autonomy and decentralization tenets that have guided blockchain development.

BlocksScan wants to establish an environment where a network of independent node providers can give RPC functionality to developers who require it. RPC providers called “Node farmers” will contribute towards a new decentralized, free, and fastest RPC service. RPC node farmers get rewarded (in tokens) for adding infrastructure and other related contributions to keep the RPC service healthy. We invite the community members interested in running nodes, to register their interest by submitting this google form.

About BlocksScan

BlocksScan is a block explorer that lets you view public data on transactions, smart contracts, addresses, and more on multiple blockchain networks. All interactions are shared, and BlocksScan allows you to look through them like a search engine. Users can use a transaction hash (transaction ID) to check all related activity, including tokens, smart contracts, and wallet addresses. Users don't need to sign up for BlocksScan, but they can create an account for extra functionality. For example, you can set alerts to notify incoming transactions, access developer tools, and create data feeds.
Website: BlocksScan

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