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Meghana Jibin Nambiar
Meghana Jibin Nambiar

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PLI Rewards Restaking is Live !!!!.

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.”

Plugin is ready to put out a colorful and innovative book by the end of this year. There are many plans for this year; the best part is that we as a team have already begun the race to fulfill the promise to our community.

This year's goal is to fly high and reach for the sky.

This week, we released a video describing the benefits of data feeds to the various tiers in our ecosystem which are: End Users, Node Operators & Feed Providers. The structured data contains reports on the current value of key pieces of data according to authoritative off-chain sources.

The Restaking model for our Node Operators is now live. The Restaking model offers our node members an easy-to-use interface, where node operators can verify their stakes and restake the tokens, with one click. We have released the documentation on Restaking at The documentation includes details about the restaking model, its benefits, and the steps to activate Restaking for the nodes.

Plugin ensures and strives to achieve user flexibility and transparency.

Coming to the tickets SLA Metrics for this new year week:-

Total number of tickets received - 5
Total number of solved tickets - 2
Total number of in-progress tickets - 3

We have added some FAQs to the list. We urge our members to review the updated FAQs before raising a ticket and reach out to us if you don't find your queries listed in the document.

Let’s make the best of 2023.

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