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IceCreamSwap Team is pleased to announce our recent integration and expansion to XDC Network, a company with a track record of success in the Blockchain space. As part of this strategic expansion, Users/Investors on XDC Network can now fully utilize our unique services on the chain.
We will be sharing highlights of the utilities that IceCreamSwap Dex will be offering on XDC Network.

Brief info about IceCreamSwap Dex

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IceCreamSwap Dex is a multichain decentralized exchanged that was initially launched as the first Dex on the Bitgertchain (Brc-20). Currently, we are the Biggest Dex on Bitgertchain in terms of trading volume and total Dex liquidity. Our Dex is fully decentralized, trustless and uses the Latest Uniswap V2 Smart Contracts, which are battle-tested for multiple years now to provide Users with maximum security. IceCreamSwap Dex offer; Swap, Farming, Bridge, Launchpad, Analytical services, and etc on more than 6 different chains (Bitgertchain, Fuse Network, Bsc, Dogechain, Dokenchain, and Core chain {after launch}).

The IceCreamSwap Bridge is highly secured and is integrated with the First ever Multichain gas-fee tipper Bot that gifts users free native tokens for the payment of gas-fees. The swap is built using the latest software and is also equipped with a Dex Aggregator by Akka, while the Farm is incentivized with massive APY% to ensure that users earn passively on the Dex.

What to expect from IceCreamSwap Dex on XDC Network

  • Swift instant Trading with the best output ever: The swap interface of the IceCreamSwap Dex is designed to be fast, unique, simple and user-friendly. Coupled with the full integration of AKKA smart Dex Aggregator/router on the Dex (this saves a lot of extra cash for users by splitting tokens across different route with enough liquidity thereby limiting the drastic effect of price impact/spillage), Users on XDC Network can swap their favorite tokens with ease and still get the best available output ever.

- Highly Secured Instant bridging across 5+ different chains “IceCreamSwap Multi-Chain Bridge”:

Fund Security has always been the Hallmark of IceCreamSwap, our Dex is built to be impervious to any form of attacks, each line of code was scrutinized and carefully analyzed to prevent any form of vulnerability. As we already provide support on more than 6+ different Unique chains ( I.e Bitgertchain, Bsc, Fuse Network, Dogechain, Dokenchain, Core chain), Users/projects on XDC Network can bridge across these different chains supported on our Dex.

- A MultiChain Gas-Fee Tipping Bot:

The IceCreamSwap Team also invented and designed “The First ever Multichain gas-fee tipper Bot” which tips users free native tokens for the payment of gas fee. As such Users on XDC Network need not to worry about gas fee while bridging on our Dex. This is the first of its kind in the whole crypto-space.

- Incentivized Farming with Massive APY%:

IceCreamSwap Dex also offer FARMING SERVICES with massive APY% for liquidity providers, Users on XDC Network can earn passively just by providing liquidity to any token of their choice.
The farm reward can be harvested anytime directly to the user’s wallet address.
NB: The farm is not time-locked so users can supply or remove liquidity anytime they want.

- IceCreamSwap Info/Analytics Page:

We also offer Analytic services (Info Page), where users on XDC Network can check for different pools on the chain, Tokens , their current prices, liquidity, trading volume, transaction history and much more.

- IceCreamSwap Launchpad:
IceCreamSwap will also be offering “Launchpad Services” for clean start-up of New projects on the XDC Network.

- Bulk instant Airdrop Bot:
Projects on XDC Network that wishes to Airdrop tokens to their community member can do so using “ IceCreamSwap Bulk instant Airdrop Bot”
NB: This tool was used by IceCreamSwap Dex in its early days to calculate and distribute precisely amount of $ICE token to liquidity providers on the Dex.
To make use of this service contact any of the IceCreamSwap moderators on our official telegram group chat

- Expect more from us in 2023...

In summary, IceCreamSwap Dex integration and expansion to XDC Network will create more windows of opportunity to the users of both communities. The highly secured, fast, and User friendly interface of the IceCreamSwap Dex will ensure that users on XDC Network experience the best form of trading ever. Also the full integration of the Akka smart Dex Aggregator on the IceCreamSwap Dex will help save extra cash for users on XDC Network, while the IceCreamSwap Multichain Bridge will serve as a portal for Users/Projects on XDC Network to connecting with other chains supported on IceCreamSwap ie. Bitgert chain, Bsc chain, Fuse Network, Dogechain, Dokenchain and even Core chain following their mainnet launch.
The incentivized farming also creates source of passive income for users on XDC Network.

_Useful links:
XDC website:,
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Brisescan: $ICE
IceCreamSwap info : $ICE
XDC explorers:
XDC socials: Twitter , Telegram,

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