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As most Users/Investors don’t really Understand what Staking is all about, we decided to throw more light about staking on IceCreamSwap Dex.

What is Staking in cryptocurrency??
Staking is a type of service offered by Dexes that allows Users/investors to delegate/invest their token without pairing with other tokens and they also earn rewards by doing so. In-other words users allow their tokens to earn for them passively by staking them. Also Staking pool are also designed to help projects maintain the price of their token and to limit drastic fluctuation in prices following the buying or selling of tokens.

Projects that actually have their Users/Investors at heart usually have staking pool that rewards their loyal holders (Diamond Hands).
Currently, users/investors on XDC Network can stake their $ICE and earn $BTCx or stake BTCx to earn BTCx on IceCreamSwap, other tokens will be added soon…

NB: Staking is Different from Liquidity farming in the sense that users do not need to pair their tokens with other tokens before staking them unlike in Liquidity farming.

The IceCreamSwap Dex has launched its Staking pool on XDC Network , our staking pool is designed to be efficient and different from other staking protocols, here is what makes Staking on IceCreamSwap unique.

  • No lock-up periods: Unlike other staking platforms, the IceCreamSwap Staking has “NO TIME LOCK” this implies that Users/Investors can withdraw their staked token any day or anytime they want to.

NB: Most projects will charge a withdrawal fee of up to 50% or more of the staked token, if the time lock on the staked token has not reached.

  • High Secured: Users Fund security is our top priority and therefore we made sure each line codes were carefully analyzed, so as to ensure adequate fund security while utilizing our staking pool.

  • Instant withdrawal Users wallet address: Staking rewards are sent directly to users address, and all the transaction details are recorded on the blockchain. There is no intermediary or middle man.

  • Swift Interface with nice Ux/UI: The display of the Staking pool was designed in such a way that starters in crypto-space can easily make use of the pool.

  • No Hidden/Extra Charges: Apart from the gas fee required to enable the Staking pool, there are NO STAKING FEE or EXTRA / HIDDEN FEE imposed on Users.

NB: Projects that wants to launch their Staking Pool on IceCreamSwap can do so by contact any of the IceCreamSwap moderators on our official telegram group chat

In summary, The IceCreamSwap Staking pool is live on XDC Network and Bitgertchain, Core Dao. The IceCreamSwap stake 2 earn project was designed to help Users/Investors earn passively and also for projects maintain the price of their token.
Currently, users/investors on XDC Network can stake their $ICE and earn $BTCx or stake BTCx and earn BTCx on IceCreamSwap, other tokens will be added soon…

NB: For tutorial on how to stake

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