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BlocksPay Wallet
BlocksPay Wallet

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Let’s Celebrate The Launch of BlocksPay with Free XDC ! XDC GiveAway !

We are excited to announce the Beta launch of BlocksPay, a new and innovative cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to securely store, manage, and transact with their digital assets. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, we saw a need for a wallet that is not only secure and user-friendly but also offers a range of advanced features that make managing digital assets easier than ever before.

BlocksPay is a wallet that gives you easy access to all things in crypto and web3. Switch accounts and chains with 1 click. BlocksPay currently supports the XDC Network and Ethereum with more chains on the way!

BlocksPay celebrating this Beta Launch of BlocksPay with a Giveaway of XDC for its community members.

Follow Below Steps to get 10 XDC on your BlocksPay Wallet.

This offer is Only for Limited Time, so Hurry now!

Other Rules:

1) Submit google form only once to avoid duplicate entry of your submission for same email id may lead to rejection of giveaway.
2) Distribution of bounty for eligible community member will be done at the end of every week until the Giveaway program ends.
3) BlocksPay Giveaway Governance Committee reserves the right to accept or reject bounty distribution.
4) Giveaway will be closed with out prior notice if the submission of bounty form reaches it's maximum threshold, so we request you to hurry up and submit the form once you complete all the steps.
5) For any queries and more updates join BlocksPay's Telegram Group:

Learn how to use BlocksPay wallet:

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Jon McBee

I am hoping to get some clarity on the web3 wallet landscape for the XDC Network. We currently have XDCPay, which is semi-supported at the moment and prone to issues, and also uses RPC endpoints operated by BlocksScan. We also have XDCPay 2.0, which I thought was a BlocksScan product meant to deprecate XDCPay. Now we also have BlocksPay, which is a BlocksScan product. From BlocksScan's point of view, which of these web3 wallets will be the flagship web3 wallet for the XDC Network moving forward?