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Updating Token Total Supply

Hello Everyone,

Just want to request the ability to update the total token supply after burning some of the project tokens particularly for XRC20. I understand that there are different mechanisms used for burning. 1) Projects reduce total supply in the code when they burn tokens and 2) Projects send burned tokens to the zero address, xdc000000000000000000000000000000000000dead.

For projects that opted for mechanism 2 like us at XSwap Protocol, I would like to have the (burned) tokens sent to the zero address counted, and have the balance reduced from the total supply. Or project teams can send an email regarding the burn details just like how Etherscan is doing it in order for the total supply to be reduced.

Image description

Image description

Either way works as long as we have a clear direction on how we can do this moving forward.
This will be good for all projects who implemented some token burn using mechanism 2 as this will reflect the corrected/revised total # of tokens and as a result, projects will benefit from the token burn that was done.

@blocksscanio can we do this?

Let us all continue working to make the XDC network better.


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Hey @b3lle,
Thank you for the suggestion,
we will share your idea with dev team and will update you with their feedback.