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Welcome Thread - v0

Hey there! Welcome to Developers Forum for XDC Network!

Welcome to XDC.Dev

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Good day everyone!!! Looking for a coder familiar with this protocol to launch a project I’m licensing to state and local governments. Look forward to hearing from you!

@not4thepublic_ (twitter)

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Abhinil Agarwal • Edited on

Hello Hodlers,
I am an Explorer🚵‍♂️, Blockchain Enthusiast and coder🧑‍💻. Researching and developing next gen Web3 dapps.

Imagine you have an Idea, and you can copyright that instantly on your phone?
Wouldn't that be cool?

Idea Mint: Created this experimental Dapp for Ethereum Toronto Virtual Hackathon - XDC track, which provides simple interface to mint your idea into nfts.

Check out the app here 👇👇

Connect me:

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Cho Chanit

There is a glitch with the Ledger but I found a loop whole yesterday. Ledger people must use specific site "". Next you must use USB-C to USB-C cord to connect ledgers to your phone.EVEN with the NANOX! Bluetooth will not work.its a glitch.fallow the steps pic a wallet and send.BOOM.DONE. must use GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER

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hey guys my name is googly newbie in the web3 world help me guys to enhance my coding skills and to explore more about XDCNetwork