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Good evening XDC Community!

I am Anthony, better know as CryptoFrenchie or FrenchieRolls. I have been in the industry now for close to 13 years. I’ve spent a lot of my time around the original Peercoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Stacks, Flare, and now XDC communities. I’ve been a long time supporter of decentralization and have invested much of time into expanding the industry over the years.

I am the Ex-CEO and Creator of Enosys Global, formally known as Flare Finance which is currently developing a bridge for the XDC Community to the Flare Network. My initial development produced a 6 product modularized multi-chain ecosystem with a sustainable yield product.

I am currently working on a few products on the XDC Network including a gamified decentralized autonomous organization deployed around a socially apt artificial intelligence meant to learn and engage with its followers to produce virality for its users.

I love to build, I love to learn, and I love to engage with the industry. I hope to continue to build sustainable products for years to come. 🫡