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Arturo Cantera Carrasco
Arturo Cantera Carrasco

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XDC.DEV Platform Request

Hey everyone,

I hope you're all doing well! I wanted to share an idea that's been on my mind lately. What do you all think about moving our community to the Discourse platform? I've been exploring it, and it seems like it could be a great fit for us. Here’s why:

Why Discourse?
Better User Experience:

Intuitive Interface: Discourse has a super clean and user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate.

Mobile-Friendly: It works great on mobile devices, so we can stay connected even when we’re not at our desks.

Awesome Community Features:

Advanced Moderation: It comes with powerful tools to help keep our discussions organized and spam-free.
Custom Categories and Tags: We can easily organize topics, making it simpler to find what we’re looking for.

Boosted Engagement:

Real-Time Notifications: Get instant updates on discussions you’re interested in.

Interactive Conversations: Features like @mentions, likes, and rich text formatting make discussions more engaging.

Top-Notch Security and Performance:

Secure: Discourse takes security seriously, so our data will be safe.

Scalable: It can handle a lot of traffic, so it’ll run smoothly even as our community grows.

Benefits of Making the Switch

Simpler Communication: The threaded discussions and real-time notifications make it easier to follow and participate in conversations.

Better Community Management: The advanced tools and analytics will help our moderators keep things running smoothly.

Seamless Integration: Discourse supports integration with the tools we’re already using, so the transition should be pretty smooth.

What’s Next?

Share Your Thoughts: I’d love to hear what you all think about this idea. Please drop your thoughts in the comments below.

Plan the Move: Based on everyone’s feedback, we can come up with a plan to transition to Discourse without causing too much disruption.

Make It Happen: We’ll set up a timeline for the move and make sure there’s plenty of support to answer any questions.


I really think moving to Discourse could be a big win for our community. It promises a better experience for everyone and helps us stay connected and engaged. Your feedback is super important, so please let me know what you think!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Discussion (6)

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Atul Khekade

There needs to be one single source of truth and super professional tech heavy documentation. For that lets all work together.

But for anything that any developer wants to express, there can be multiple forums.

Like an automobile company has one standard tech manual but there are many independent forums.

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Arturo Cantera Carrasco Author

I will have ready Discourse XDC ready on Tuesday, so we can try.

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Thanks for your contribution!

I'd support idea for the main place for our debates and discussion, and keeping the existing for blogs/articles/etc.

XDCDAO requires a place where community can discuss the proposals. I can't see the existing would be an user-friendly place for this kind of conversations.

Would like to see the community's thoughts.

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Arturo Cantera Carrasco Author

Totally agree. In Prime Numbers Labs, we are using Discourse.

You can check

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Atul Khekade

There is more to just user friendliness of -- It is adding great SEO to the network. The discourse can run in parallel to this. runs on forem which is proven as one of the best dev friendly open discussion platforms.

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Good initiative!! and I think, we should continue to have as it is very user friendly for articles, documentations and Discourse for any discussion related.