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Jon McBee
Jon McBee

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XIP Process Proposal: XIP-1

I would like to propose the adoption of an XDC Network Improvement Proposal (XIP) process as outlined in XIP-1.

We intend for XIPs to be the primary mechanisms for proposing new features, for collecting community technical input on an issue, and for documenting the design decisions that have gone into the XDC Network. Because the XIPs are maintained as text files in a versioned repository, their revision history is the historical record of the feature proposal.

The idea behind the XIP process is not unique or novel. XIPs are derived heavily from Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), which are in turn derived heavily from Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs), which were derived from Python Enhancement Proposals (PEPs).

While anyone can propose an XIP, the technical bar is quite high. Initially XIPs are reviewed by XIP editors, who ensure that XIP submissions adhere to formatting and style guidelines. For this program to be successful we need qualified members of the developer community to become XIP editors. XIP editors will be made collaborators on the XIPs GitHub repository.

Once uploaded to GitHub, XIPs are scrutinized by XDC community members who decide whether they are to be implemented in a future upgrade. This discussion can take place on the thread announcing the XIP. This post is an example, and the discussion related to this post will drive consensus for adoption of XIP-1, and as this is a decentralized process we will collectively need to define what "consensus" means to us.

In an effort to promote decentralization I have created a new XDC Community GitHub Organization that hosts the XIPs repository. In that organization you will find two other repositories; one is "xdc-community" and the other is "pm". I elected to create a brand new GitHub Organization unaffiliated with any other XDC Network entity so that it could be completely handed off to the community in the interest of true decentralization.

The "xdc-community" repository is the beginning of a GitHub pages hosted developer portal, which will hold documentation, sample code, tutorials, and more in a public repository that will enable a fork->update->pull request workflow so that anyone in the community can update the content of the developer portal. For those not comfortable updating the content an issue can be raised in the repositories GitHub issue tracker, or a comment can be made on the repositories GitHub discussion board. More on this in a future post as is in a forkable but rough draft.

The "pm" repository is intended to act as a repository for protocol level discussions around protocol level XIPs so that all XDC Network protocol level decisions can be documented in a transparent fashion. The goal is for regular protocol level meetings to be held by protocol level developers, which will require buy-in and adoption by these developers. This change is prerequisite for true decentralization of the XDC Network.

This is a call to action to the XDC Community, XDC Network Developers, and XDC Network Core Protocol Developers to discuss adoption of XIP-1, and join in growing the decentralization of the XDC Network.

Discussion (11)

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Troy S. Wood

Nice going on this! Organization, documentation, and community contribution are key factors in success - The XDC Network's foundation is being solidified and is prepared for significant growth, as well as mass adoption & usage.

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Arturo Cantera Carrasco • Edited on

I totally agree with this. I think making things more profesional is a great idea.

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Michael Blythe

Good idea, Iā€™d be happy to help out also.
Suggest we also look at a DAO approach here for voting for features.

akhekade profile image
Atul Khekade


Love it. Let's do it.

tpada13 profile image

Standardization is the first step to scaling and growing. Great to finally kick this off!

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Lance Lilly

This is great step torwards building a network the community deserves. Great work

anilchinchawale profile image

Looks good, Let's make it work...!!!

pancudaniel7 profile image

A very important step for XDC Network that will bring a great impact!

billy_adams profile image
Billy Sebell

This is a must have! Great work Jon!

wjrjerome profile image
Blockchain Minions

Hi Jon, I can see this is a good process which Xinfin is currently missing. However, I do have a few concerns regarding this:

  1. XDC is not at the same community popularity level as ETH or other major coins. i.e not much of community driven dev work is happening. Wouldn't adding more process such as XIP adding more barriers for devs?
  2. If the intention is to demonstrate future roadmap, have you considered Jira roadmap or Trello or github projects?
  3. What's the difference between having it in XIP VS a blog in Aren't they served the same purpose of discussing with wide community and have an agreement with XDC stakeholders if concerns are raised?
logeswaran profile image

Good step for the bright future ahead!!, would love to help!