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XDC Network Issue Reporting Process

I would like to establish a formalized process for reporting issues for the XDC Network and it's supporting infrastructure such as SDKs, Testnets, Block Explorers etc... I have created a new document at the XDC Community Developer Portal documentation site that outlines the issue reporting process and provides links to different repository issue trackers, you can find it here.

This is a two step process that involves first opening an issue on the issue tracker for the appropriate GitHub repository, and secondly creating a post on that provides further context for the issue. Developers working on the codebase will see the issue raised in GitHub and will use it to track progress against the issue. The developer community will see the post on and will be able to comment with feedback, or follow the discussion for updates.

As a note, this process is intended for a specific set of issues related to the XDPoS protocol, test networks, APIs, SDKs; effectively the core code and dependencies that XDC Network developers rely on. If you have an issue with a second layer project or dApp you are encouraged to reach out to that team directly. If that team investigates the issue and decides that the root cause is related to core code or dependencies then they can follow this process for issue reporting.

Please provide any feedback to the proposed Issue Reporting process here in this document, or feel free to edit the page in the docs site and submit a pull request.

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