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Jon McBee
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Documentation Bounties Live on Gitcoin

XDC Community is pleased to announce the kickoff of a community bounty program, sponsored by the XDC Foundation, geared towards generating documentation for the open source developer portal.

If you are interested in participating in the bounty program you can find open bounties on the XDC Community Gitcoin page. Be sure to filter appropriately on the left hand pane of the Gitcoin UI to see all bounties.

We are also looking for community suggestions on topics for documentation bounties. If you have an idea for a how-to article, a tutorial, or a snippet of sample code that you would find valuable please suggest it on the XDC Community github discussion, or in the comments below.

Our goal is to engage with the developer community so that we can work together to fill any gaps and lower the barrier to entry for development on the XDC Network. Together we can continue to grow a decentralized XDC Network developer community.

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