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[Solved] XDC Bridging

Hello! I just created a Math wallet for the XDC chain and basically bridged my XDC through Kucoin which allowed me to withdraw to an EVM address. Thing is, I can not deposit back into exchanges with the EVM. What bridge is now available to swap back to XDC network? Thanks

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Hey @elm413

Math wallet actually doesn't support the XDC prefix. In order to send those XDC back to some exchange that has XDC listed on it, You'll have to replace the XDC prefix of the exchange deposit address with 0x while moving funds out of Math wallet.

Here is an example

If the exchange deposit address is - xdcF3B713D68e4f8Eb8E717753bb1e3c3c994111111

you'll need to change it to -

In the above example only the XDC prefix is getting replaced by 0x, the rest of the address is the same. The same is also true for funds held in metamask or trust wallet.

I'd recommend you do a test transaction first to make sure that you got it right.

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elm413 Author

Ah, I didn’t realize it was that simple to go from mainnet to evm and back. I figured it needed to be bridged through an app but I’ll give it a shot! Thanks