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[Proposal] Implementation of smart contract ownership verification feature on XDC

We are requested by XDC team to further elaborate on our proposed certification and verification of smart contract on XDC that received positive feedback. Here are the details.

Implementation Process

We need to implement our solution on XDC block explorer so that XDC users could easily ascertain if a contract is verified. For example, view our live demo for Sepolia testnet. When you click on the green icon beside the contract address, you'd be able to view the ownership details of the contract such as,

  • Individual or Organization name
  • Website
  • Email address (optional)
  • And more...

This information shall be verified by us prior to issuance of digital certificate. In order to view this data, we need to integrate our certification and verification code on XDC block explorer. We envisage working together with BlocksScan team to perform this where,

  • We will provide the customized source code and BlocksScan team will implement the code on the explorer. Here, we're assuming XDC explorer is based on Blockscout code base. If not, we shall work with the team to provide a customized code specifically for their explorer platform. We shall bear the cost of this customization.

  • We shall both perform the necessary testing.

Once the implementation is complete, we shall work with XDC team to provide free digital certificates to every contract on XDC for the first year. Plus, we shall subsidize the gas fees (up an agreed max cap) on contract deployment for contracts that are installed with our digital certificates.

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Provide access for XDC users to order and download digital certificates at no cost
  • Perform necessary KYC on each certificate activation, if required.
  • Subsidize contract deployment gas fees
  • Provide source code for certification solution to BlocksScan to implement on XDC explorer.
  • Provide exclusive tutorials (doc and video) on how to install digital certificates on contracts deploying on XDC
  • Assist in promoting this free certification service to XDC users
  • Provide tech support to XDC users


  • Connect us with BlocksScan team
  • Assist in promoting this free certification service to XDC users on website, blog posts, social channels and newsletter.

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Hello Team,

Let's connect over google meet to discuss implementation.

Link :

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qwerty389 Author

Thank you so much. I just booked a meeting. Looking forward to talk to you soon, Anil!

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qwerty389 Author

Hello Anil. I'm waiting on Google Meet. Will you be joining the call?