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Ayyalusamy Ramadoss
Ayyalusamy Ramadoss

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[Solved]RPC Endpoint in XDC Private Network

Hi, I received this error "Failed to check for transaction receipt" and I resolved it by changing "" to "" as suggested in one of the thread.

As we are planning to deploy our dApp in XDC Private Network for our use case, Is that the RPC Endpoint is avilable in XDC Private Network as well? If not, how to resolve this error in Private Network?

Thanks in advance.

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ruslan wing • Edited on

Yes on the XDC Private network also you can setup ERPC which is 0x prefix enabled RPC you just need to add --enable-0x-prefix flag in your script

For more details on setting up a private XDC Network check out the detailed guide

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Ayyalusamy Ramadoss Author

Got it. Thank you.