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[Proposal] Certify & Verify Smart Contracts on XDC


To authenticate and verify smart contract ownership on XDC blockchain via digital certificates to fight scams, at no cost to XDC. Here's a video intro ->


4 PROBLEMS: Smart Contracts Ownership Is Not Verified

  • Anyone can deploy a contract on any chain without verification of ownership. E.g., John can deploy an ERC20 contract named USDC even though he’s not from Circle.

  • Digital artists are having their NFT art counterfeited and buyers have no way to verify which is real or fake.

  • Current verification method only verifies contract source code. This means, a scammer can also have their source code verified.

  • Scammers can create fake smart contracts that look legitimate and are only differentiated by their contract addresses which are hard to tell apart.

  • Often these fraudulent contracts are listed on phishing websites that also look like the original.

  • Case in point is the BAYC scam

1 SOLUTION: Authenticate and Verify Contracts Ownership With Ztamp

  • Ztamp issues digital certificates for smart contracts deployed on any blockchains where the certificates ascertain who are the owners of the contracts.

  • Each smart contract ownership can also be verified on block explorer, similar to Twitter blue checkmark (not to be confused with source code verification). Here's a video demo -

  • NFT buyers can identify which NFT is original and which is a counterfeit just by looking at the “verified” checkmark on smart contract that issued the NFT.

How it Works

How to Install a Certificate on a Smart Contract

Video demo ->

Our Special Offer to XDC

We wish to implement our contract verification module on your block explorer so that your users don't have to install any browser extension to know if a smart contract on XDC can be trusted. And we're willing to work with XDC for free, meaning we're not requesting for any grant money.


  • Smart contracts for any tokens
  • Smart contracts for DeFi
  • Smart contracts for NFT digital art
  • Smart contracts for NFT marketplaces
  • Smart contracts for Web3 games
  • Smart contracts for coupons
  • Smart contract for DIDs
  • Smart contracts for certificates – academic, deeds, trusts, etc
  • Basically, any smart contracts that don’t want to be labelled as a scam!


Discussion (11)

ryan_mcbride_1759097aafd3 profile image
Ryan Mcbride

I was no aware of the flaws of today's smart contracts. This proposal feels like a free hit.

qwerty389 profile image
qwerty389 Author

Thank you for the positive feedback. Do you know what is the next step after posting our proposal here? Is there anyone we should reach out to?

sean_ profile image

This sounds interesting and very useful for the community and developers. Looking forward to this implementation.

sdslash profile image

Agreed, this appears to be a good solution, to protect investors and projects. 👍👍

qwerty389 profile image
qwerty389 Author

Thank you so much, Sdslash.

qwerty389 profile image
qwerty389 Author

Thanks a lot, Mohit!

nmzn profile image
Matthias Büxenstein

Yes yes please

ocacarbon profile image
OCA Carbon

This is amazing, I would like to reach out is that ok?

qwerty389 profile image
qwerty389 Author

Yes, please. Sorry for my late reply. Apparently, I did not receive any email notifications from this site. I'm fixing it.

abeye094 profile image
Alfian Yuliato

But it should create new Smart contract?

qwerty389 profile image
qwerty389 Author