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How To Setup XDCPay 2.0 Beta Version on Brave Browser?

  • To Download the XDCPay 2.0 Beta version on Brave Browser need to Click on the Link given below:

  • Link to Download the latest version:
    Image description

  • Download the file

  • Open your Brave Browser → Visit “Extensions” setting(Find puzzle icon, on the right side of the URL bar).

  • Now, ON the “Developer Mode” and click on the “Load
    option to import your XDCPay file.

Image description

  • Select the unzipped file from the folder and upload it;
    after uploading the screen will look like this:
    Image description

  • Once done, Visit the extension option and PIN the XDCPay, then the user will be able to see the XDCPay logo on the URL bar.
    Image description

  • Click on Get started button and access your XDCPay!
    Image description

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@blocksscanio @blocksscan I thought you now have this posted on chrome extensions store, correct? I saw one saying XDCPay 2.0. If so, then installation should now be using standard extensions add-on process.