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Ownership of a Master Node Using a Multisignature wallet or smart contract wallet

If I am interested in hosting a master node with a group of friends and want to ensure equal ownership of the node, using a MultiSignature wallet Is this possible on the network? While there are currently no masternode owners which are smart contract-based wallets, it is possible to use a MultiSignature wallet as the masternode owner.Considering MultiSignature wallets are also smart contracts.

If a smart contract-based wallet can be used as a masternode owner, it raises the question of what the KYC process will entail. However, the current platform does not offer an option to connect a smart contract to upload KYC documents and proceed with staking.

Screenshot explain current wallet options

If direct interaction is done with XDCValidator contract what should be the hash one can pass to the updateKYC(string hash) method to complete the KYC Process of a MultiSignature Wallet / Smart Contract?

The steps after the KYC is quite simple and should be easily executable by a multisignature wallet
1) propose(address coinbaseAddress) To stake the 10M
2) resign(address coinbaseAddress) to resign the node.
3) withdraw(uint256 blockNumber,uint256 index) to claim back the initial stake.

Additionally, it is worth noting whether the current consensus algorithm / evm has the ability to distribute rewards to a smart contract or a multisignature wallet.

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