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We're live on XDC

Hey everyone! It’s NOWNodes on the line - we’re newcomers to the XDC community. Just a small introduction of us - we’re a Web3 development tool that connects developers and crypto enterprises with the blockchain nodes (via full nodes) including XDC Network.

We launched shared access to XDC earlier this summer, and it’s been one of the biggest debuts among all recently supported networks! Since then, the number of developers building on XDC mainnet has only been increasing.

Our XDC Integration
This June we started running our own XDC full nodes. Our several enterprise partners showed interest in integrating the XDC network into their platforms, we conducted a research on how developer-driven the blockchain is and came to the conclusion - XDC is coming to our service.

At the moment, we provide shared access to XDC RPC full nodes on mainnet within all our pricing plans, and dedicated access to XDC testnet. More tools to come later this year!

Numbers & Achievements
It’s been not so long since we made XDC dev tools available on our platform. However, there’s already something we can discuss and be proud of. We managed to process over 18 million requests to the XDC node in the June-Aug period.
Builders are working with our #XinFin full node to enable and ensure transactions in their projects: cold & warm wallets, trading platforms, etc. What’s more, we’re currently guiding one of our community members on his first smart contract on #XDC!

How the XDC Full Node works?
Here’s a picture illustrating the architecture and the way between developer and the ledger.
The entire journey takes less than 0.25 seconds to go full round.

XDC Full Node Architecture

All bridges and connection pipelines are highly secured and protected. If there’s something wrong with the node, we immediately switch it to the reserve solution.

Regarding the safety and security measures we apply to all our nodes:

  1. We do not permit wallet and key storage on our nodes;
  2. Access keys to all our services are privately managed;
  3. We have DDoS protection measures and firewalls in place;
  4. 2FA authentication is in place in all our internal services

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Getting started
We invite you to test our XDC full node and share the feedback on the speed, stability and the user experience.

  1. Get your private API key at
  2. Choose XDC among available blockchain networks
  3. All official methods are supported - use endpoint browse XDC documentation and start making calls in your preferred environment (Postman, Insomnia).

Leave your feedback here or directly at I’ll make sure our team reviews everything <3

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Sean • Edited on

Welcome to the XDC Family.

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Robert Aronovici

Congrats on a successful launch! The community is here to grow with your project, team and to welcome you into the community!

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Ian Lapinskii Author

Thank you guys! It's been great so far!

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Atul Khekade

Great Integration!