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Cascade - Trade, Build & Earn on XDC [Hackathon Submission]

What is it?

Cascade is a decentralised crypto trading DEX on the XDC Network. It provides the following features:

Swap tokens. Includes single & multi-hop pool swap functionality.

Pools. Allows for:

  1. Creation of liquidity pools with any token pair to allow others to be able to swap tokens.
  2. Addition/Removal of liquidity from a pool.
  3. Locking/Unlocking of liquidity to build trust among the community. Once the lockup period passes, one can unlock their liquidity.

How does it work?

Anyone with an XDC-tied wallet can use the app. Navigating around the interface should be familiar ground for you if you've used Uniswap before (our aim is to provide this level of ease-of-access).

To use the app, request some tokens from our faucet. This will fund your wallet with some tokens to use in the app. In the future, we plan to support imports of native tokens from a user's wallet, but for now, these tokens should serve as a good testing point.

Use the app! You may observe that you can easily swap between certain tokens. This is because I have already provided some liquidity for these pairs, but there are some token pairs that don't have a pool, so you can try to play around with deploying a pool and providing liquidity.

Challenges & Accomplishments

I have used Uniswap in the past and have truly come to enjoy it for its ease-of-use and abstraction over the complex world of DeFi to present users with a WYSWYG environment. As such, I wanted to build a similar tool for XDC users as -- going from the enormous popularity of Uniswap -- this would certainly strengthen (and increase) the community base around the XDC project.

Going from knowing absolutely nothing about building DEXs and AMMs and writing contracts in Soldity, this entirely process was certainly overwhelming. However, the community over on Slack were absolute gems, and I was able to navigate the process fairly easily after that.

What's next?

After fixing a few known bugs in the UI and Smart Contracts, I hope to launch Cascade on XDC Mainnet (currently deployed on the Apothem network), and launch a campaign that gets people excited about the idea of a Uniswap-like tool on XDC. I believe this would be of great interest to many people, and would contribute in bringing in many more people to the wonderful XDC Network.

Pending TODOs:

  • Support any token/asset on XDC
  • Offer staking functionality
  • Provide staking rewards to users that stake in a pool
  • Borrowing/Lending, with collateralisation
  • Support more chains like Ethereum, BNB, Polygon to bring in more users


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