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Tau - A Next-Gen DEX on XDC

What is Tau

Tau introduces a next-gen decentralized exchange providing liquidity, an auto-farming stablecoin, and enabling peer-to-peer transactions on the XDC network.

What does this mean?

Tau allows users on XDC to trade directly from their wallets rather than through a 3rd-party -- your tokens never leave your custody, and are 100% owned by you. Further, low trading fees and high liquidity makes Tau an attractive platform to trade with, and also helps provide a broad range of support to various facets of the XDC community -- to continuously adapt to the changing markets by continuing to provide value to both token holders and the community.

Product Highlights

  • Peer-to-peer transactions -- trade directly from wallet-to-wallet without releasing custody of your tokens
  • Yield farming -- stake your tokens in Tau's single-asset pools, or paired in its liquidity pools to earn ibTau (an interest-bearing token)
  • Earn trading fees via liquidity pools -- provide liquidity to earn part of the protocol's trading fees
  • Auto-farming stablecoins -- Tau introduces taUSD, an overcollateralized and decentralized stablecoin reinforced with multi-layered pegging mechanisms to maintain its peg at $1.

How Tau Works

For a technical overview as well as the demo video, please see the GitHub repository.

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daniel weber

Hello Tau
I am excited to see the demo video of the DEX. Can you please post some videos of the dex.

The github link show 404 not found.
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