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[Informative] Plugin's Monthly Report for November

Unleash innovation, navigate possibilities, and compose your success story in code.

We begin with the updates of November month :-

  1. VRF functionality is now enabled in Plugin as mentioned already in our previous newsletter. We have onboarded and are also very much open to companies and individuals with ideas to utilize VRF functionality to create provably fair games, generate unique NFTs, implement decentralized escrow services and develop new types of financial applications.
  2. We're thrilled to announce a major achievement for Plugin (#PLI) — our successful integration with the Polygon Mumbai Testnet! This development signifies a crucial advancement in our journey towards #multichain integration, opening up a realm of opportunities for #DAPP Developers. With Plugin now operational on #Polygon, developers can seamlessly leverage decentralized oracles using PLI within the Polygon network. To facilitate a seamless transition, we've introduced the 'Plugin Bridge,' an innovative tool enabling users to securely lock tokens in the Apothem network and mint tokens within the Polygon Mumbai Testnet, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. The details for which can be found on website. 🚀🌟
  3. Introducing the groundbreaking Price Feed feature in #Plugin 2.0 🛡🌐. With real-time, precise price data, our #Oracle transforms DeFi, NFTs, and beyond, eliminating data manipulation for enhanced trustworthiness. Enjoy contract invocation and seamless integration of prices from diverse sources.
  4. Our Discord Moderators who are a big part of Plugin have now setup Plugin 2.0 nodes and have also submitted their jobs which are now being utilized in our platform.
  5. Update on the Hackathon 2.0 is that we now have shortlisted 40 teams from 67 registered teams comprising 355 individual registrants. The teams are brimming with talent and innovation. 🚀
  6. We have 15+ validator node operators in our Platform currently, and as moderators have setup their Plugin 2.0 nodes, we will soon be releasing it to our validators. We also invite experienced developers interested to submit their EOI Requests by logging into Plugin's Oracles platform.

Riddle for this month -❓-How does blockchain ensure a transparent and unalterable record of every step in the supply chain?

Answer in the comments section and Plugin team will be giving you a shout out in the next months post and the monthly newsletter.

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We want to thank our community once more for continuing to support us in our endeavors.

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Amelia Jones

VRF seems to be interesting but could not find any document supporting how to use it. Do you have any demo or supporting document of how to use VRF from plugin?