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Community Call Discord

This Wednesday there will be a community call in Discord to discuss the wave of documentation guides, bounties, and other XDC Network topics. Some of the developers that have worked on documentation guides will be present to openly discuss their examples. This is also a great opportunity for all developers in the community to get together and meet up.

The guides highlighted in this call will be the React applications interacting with the XDC Network, ETH to XDC migration, and building a DeFi app. Along with the documentation guides have been videos breaking down different how-to's for the network. All of these will be discussed on Wednesday.

Agin, the entire dev community is welcome to join this call and add any topics they feel should be discussed for the network.

XDC Community Discord
Wednesday, Oct 19th
20:00 UTC/08:00 pm UTC
2pm CST/3pm EDT

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Phill Menezes

Count me in! 🙌