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Proposal | XDC Developer Ecosystem Growth & Expansion Plan

XDC Network Proposal
XDC Network is a hybrid blockchain designed to enhance global trade and finance through enterprise-grade interoperable dApps. It operates on a delegated proof-of-stake (XDPoS) consensus mechanism, enabling hybrid relay bridges, spontaneous block finality, and interoperability for blockchain users.

Here is the complete detailed proposal by Deon Labs with all the planning and strategy along with the tentative KPI and Timelines that Deon will plan and execute to bring good on-chain developer adoption on XDC Network and increase the number of good projects on XDC.

Deon Labs is a Web3 ecosystem enabler. We are dedicated to helping blockchain-based projects & protocols achieve their full potential by building a solid developer and business ecosystem while embracing the power of data-driven strategies and planning, including community building, content creation, and developer-based programs.

Our key focus is to build a long-term sustaining ecosystem and organic growth for our partner companies through our experience contributing to ecosystem building for 30+ companies.

XDC Network x Deon Labs
After discussing XDC’s current plan with the team and analyzing the areas where deon can contribute to the XDC Network, we have prepared a 2-quarter plan to increase Developer Adoption, Developer retention, overall brand awareness, and on-chain activities on the XDC Network.

Our aim for these two quarters is to target the following areas:

  • Position XDC as the Leading Blockchain
  • Technical Content Revamp
  • Social Awareness
  • On-chain developer Onboarding and Retention through Developer Programs while attracting the maximum number of developers to build on XDC.
  • Project deployment and dApp Building on XDC.

We have divided our efforts for these two quarters into two sets of 3 months each. From the start, we will focus on various aspects to boost the on-chain developer adoption of XDC along with Boosting the quality and quantity of projects on XDC. We will start with various Technical Revamping activities to create better Technical documentation/threads of XDC for the developers. Continue with this; we have various programs planned, like the Season of Docs Program, Open Source Program, Research and Fellowship Program, etc. All these activities will bring in very good results for the XDC ecosystem and present the narrative of the XDC Network.

We have planned various activities that will act as a bridge between developers and XDC. These activities will be very effective directly or indirectly for the XDC Developer Ecosystem.

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Technical Revamping

XDC has one of the best Infrastructures, but there is a high scope for Improvement in various Technical presentations and narratives of XDC. Hence, we are keeping this a higher priority from the start.

Technical Articles

We will create various deep-dive technical articles that will be designed in such a way to either directly promote XDC as the best infra or subtly developer marketing the XDC among the Developer community. These articles will have deep technical content(Close to the level of a whitepaper) designed according to XDC Infrastructure.

Technical Threads

We will create regular Technical Threads that are designed according to XDC Infrastructure to attract and onboard new developers and projects and educate them about XDC.

Technical Infographics and Diagrams

We will design technical infographics and architectural diagrams that quickly explain various concepts around XDC and attract a certain segment of developers who are more inclined towards very small technical details.

Twitter Spaces

To increase the Twitter reach and increase the brand awareness of XDC in the web3 community, we will also plan and organize Twitter spaces on various topics with partners and developer communities for cross-community marketing. This will be helpful in onboarding new developers into the XDC Ecosystem, and we can drive them to XDC more through the various programs listed below.

Developer-Friendly Activities

Developers and projects are the center of attraction with all the initiatives we have discussed above. Apart from the Technical Revamping activites discussed above, we also have important developer-friendly initiatives, but very few projects give attention to them.

  • Monthly Feedback Session: There will be a monthly feedback session for developers, where we will host developers to share feedback on building on XDC.
  • Monthly Dev Update: We will push a monthly development update of the XDC that includes the active development and other crucial updates around the XDC that the community should know about.
  • Monthly Dev Report: We will also push a developer report defining the metrics of on-chain activities on XDC. This report will contain different sorts of on-chain data like monthly active dev, weekly active devs, contract deployments, etc. This will also help us to understand the results of the programs or activities we are running.

Developer Ecosystem Growth & Expansion

We have designed various programs according to XDC Infra and the current state that will onboard, engage, and retain new developers and projects into the XDC Ecosystem.

Most Developer Ecosystem Pipeline is Outdated(Deon’s Theory)

Building a strong developer ecosystem requires nurturing developers through various initiatives before you expect them to build on the ecosystem.

We realized this market gap and designed a set of programs that will steadily but more effectively onboard developers and, more importantly, retain them in a particular ecosystem. We designed programs to engage with developers in a way that developers steadily turn into hardcore believers of the project, and they build on top of protocol full-time for a long period.

Quarterly Developer Ecosystem Growth & Expansion Plan

We have designed this plan into two parts i.e. for Q1 2024 and Q2 2024, where the main focus of Q1 will be on Onboarding and Engaging with Developers while that of Q2 will be Engaging and Retaining the developers in the XDC Ecosystem.

Q1’24 [Onboard & Engage]

XDC Developer Advocate Program[ Program ]

A Gamified Developer Advocate Program that will help XDC onboard good and quality developers to nurture them to build on top of the XDC. This super exclusive program creates a close community of developers who will act as believers (fans) of XDC in the long term and take part in future plans.

XDC Season of Docs Program[ Program ]

In-depth documentation plays a vital role in the success and growth of the web3 space and also helps developers to understand, thus contributing to the ecosystem effectively. This program is designed to enhance the on-chain adoption of XDC and the current documentation state of XDC while improving the overall ecosystem adoption of XDC. The primary goal of this developer program is to address the ongoing challenge faced by projects: the need for comprehensive & beginner-friendly documentation.

XDC Research and Fellowship Program[ Program ]:

This Research and Fellowship program lies at the intersection of beginners to advanced research in Web3 and a specially designed dev/research program. During this program, a few selected builders will join us and complete certain tasks and research-based initiatives. This program aims to kickstart developer adoption by attracting developers to XDC and giving them a gist of building on XDC. This program explains XDC and its use cases to builders more than the actual building.

XDC Research and Fellowship Program will continue to run in Q2

Q2’24 [Engage & Retain]

XDC Open Source Program[ Program ]

The XDC open-source program motivates developers to build and engage with XDC Infrastructure. Under this initiative, we will design certain tasks for developers to build on the XDC. Consider this as something like a quest program that will increase the On-chain developers on the XDC. This program also increases the open-source contributions to XDC.

Builder Base Camp[Program]

We will also organize a base camp where developers and fellow builders can join in and build on top of the XDC. We will also guide them on taking these side/weekend projects as a startup, which will be useful for XDC in the long run. Builder Base Camp is a 7-week-long program where we will create an environment where various XDC projects will take part to ship on XDC. Post Builder Base Camp, a few selected projects will be taken under the Incubation Program to support them in the long term to ship using XDC’s Infra.

Incubation Program

We will select a few projects from Builder Base Camp to Incubate under our Incubation Program to help them with all the resources and Network to continue Shipping on top of XDC Infra. The Incubation Program will be designed according to the requirements and needs, post various other programs mentioned above.

Incubation Program will continue to run post Q2 for a defined longer period

Quarterly OKRs(Objectives and Key Results)

Image description

OKRs(Objectives and Key Results) for Q1’24

Objective: Work on Basic Technical Revamping and Initial developer onboarding for XDC Network

Key Result 1: Gamified XDC Developer Advocate Program

Key Result 2: XDC Season of Docs Program

Key Result 3: XDC Research and Fellowship Program

Key Result 4: 12x Technical Article

Key Result 5: 12x Technical Thread

Key Result 6: 6x Developer Twitter space

Key Result 7: 6x Technical Infographics

Key Result 8: Monthly Feedback Session

Key Result 9: Monthly Dev update

Key Result 10: Monthly Dev Report

OKRs(Objectives and Key Results) for Q2’24

Objective: Work on Retaining and Nurturing the developers to ship good products on XDC Network

Key Result 1: XDC Research and Fellowship Program

Key Result 2: XDC Open Source Program

Key Result 3: Builders Base Camp

Key Result 4: Incubation Program

Key Result 5: 12x Technical Article

Key Result 6: 12x Technical Thread

Key Result 7: 6x Developer Twitter space

Key Result 8: 6x Technical Infographics

Key Result 9: Monthly Feedback Session

Key Result 10: Monthly Dev update

Key Result 11: Monthly Dev Report

Community Transparency

How deon will maintain transparency with the community?

Deon believes in maintaining a trustworthy and transparent relationship with its partners. During the whole process, we will keep the XDC Community in the loop for various initiatives and programs we run for the XDC Community apart from the following monthly reports that we will share with the community:

  • Monthly Task Report: Deon will present monthly Task Reports to the community members, containing all the detailed numbers on content posted, developers onboarded/engaged, on-chain developer activities, dApps built, contracts deployed, etc.
  • Community Rewards & Incentive updates: Deon will share a detailed report to the community for developer & community incentives/rewards allocated with the reason and motive behind it.

Budget & Milestone:

  • The Budget & Milestone breakdown for Q1’24 will be: $21,000
    • Operational & Working Cost: $15,000
    • Community Incentives & Rewards: $6,000
  • The Budget & Milestone breakdown for Q2’24 will be $21,000
    • Operational & Working Cost: $15,000
    • Community Incentives & Rewards: $6,000

The total Budget for the Complete 6 Month Plan will be $42,000

  • Operational & Working Cost: $30,000
  • Community Incentives & Rewards: $12,000

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duts profile image

Dear Janesh,

I hope this message finds you well. As a member of the DaoFin jury, I am writing to inform you about the status of your recent grant proposal to develop on the XDC Network.

First and foremost, we want to express our deepest appreciation for your interest and your willingness to contribute to the XDC ecosystem. The vision and effort you have put into your proposal is a testament to the innovative spirit that drives our community. Your participation is vital in shaping the future of the XDC Network, and for that, we are truly grateful.

We recognize the time, thought, and effort that goes into preparing a grant proposal, and it is with a sense of responsibility that we undertake the review process. After thorough consideration and a highly competitive evaluation, we regret to inform you that your proposal has not been selected for funding in this cycle.

The decision-making process was particularly challenging due to the sheer number of high-quality submissions we received. We are fortunate to have a community brimming with talented individuals and teams, all eager to contribute to the XDC Network. However, this also means that only a limited number of projects can be funded at a time. Please know that this decision does not diminish the value of your project or your capabilities.

We encourage you to view this not as a setback, but as an opportunity for growth and refinement. We would be pleased to consider your project in future funding cycles, and we hope you will not be discouraged from reapplying.

Your dedication to building on the XDC Network is appreciated, and we believe in your project’s potential. We invite you to stay engaged with the community, participate in discussions on, and continue to follow the developments from DaoFin.

Thank you once again for your proposal and for your commitment to advancing the XDC ecosystem. We look forward to possibly collaborating with you in the future and witnessing the continued growth of your project.

Warm regards,
The Jury