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PLI Blockathan 2022 - Lifetime, rewarding Experience

Happy to share that our XDC Eco Drive project is selected as the winner of PLI Blockathan India 2022!

I would like to share the wonderful learning experience and my key takeaways from the well-organized event.

36 hours of non-stop coding First seemed a difficult task but we ended going beyond that, thanks to energy level in the auditorium. The energy is always high and positive with Key note speakers and support from Plugin Team members Satheesh, Raghunath and Jurjeesh.

Innovation has no end: We had an idea of our project, but till the last few hours before the submission, we kept enhancing the solution. Discussion with stalwarts like Srinivas Mahankali, Prasanna Lohar and Logeswaran helped us to enhance the business model and make it a scalable solution. The idea finally turned to an Eco system.

Courageous young minds: I think nearly 90% of participants are college students and I was amazed by the attitude towards learning the new technology and the courage to present to the Jury.

Overall, it turned out to be a lifetime experience both as Participant and as winner.

Thanks to PLI Plugin and XDC for providing this opportunity.
A big thanks to my team members @cshekarmanish and Karthikeya Kotekar who were super supportive.

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