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XDC Transaction Status Checker NPM Package

Hello XDC community,today i am come up with the new npm package to check the status of the xdc transaction with the simple steps.

For Easy Integration checkout below npm package.

Check out the list of steps to integrate status checker:

npm install xdc-txn-status-checker --save
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Code Usage

//For React
import {statusChecker} from 'xdc-txn-status-checker';

//For Nodejs
const {statusChecker} = require('xdc-txn-status-checker');

statusChecker(["0x025f567bbfb962f960a72af418088021f7b8f55b12ba7c3b493188ad4430d267", "0xb511732d5000f5d227994ae69905bca5a833df4a20107b43a7e238dfc75d6f5b"], "apothem")
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Status Checker needs two parameter first one is transaction array and another one is network type both of them are mandatory

Network Type - mainnet,apothem.

Sample Result

    "txnHash": "0x025f567bbfb962f960a72af418088021f7b8f55b12ba7c3b493188ad4430d267",
    "Status": true
    "txnHash": "0xb511732d5000f5d227994ae69905bca5a833df4a20107b43a7e238dfc75d6f5b",
    "Status": true
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Discussion (1)

rupps_blocksscan profile image
Rupali Mestry

We appreciate your efforts for the above and thanking you for the same.
Surely, it will be very useful to XDC Community.