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[Informative] BlocksPay: Your Gateway to EVM Compatible Blockchains, Including Velas Network

BlocksPay, a cutting-edge cryptocurrency wallet developed by BlocksScan Technologies Pvt. Ltd., serves as a versatile interface for users to engage with EVM Compatible blockchains such as XDC Network, Ethereum, Velas Network, and more. This secure wallet offers users the ability to manage account keys, execute transactions, send and receive EVM Compatible cryptocurrencies and tokens, and securely interact with decentralized applications, all through a convenient browser extension.

Connecting Velas Network to BlocksPay - A Step-by-Step Guide:
To integrate Velas Network into BlocksPay and unlock the potential of a Secure Multi-Chain Wallet, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Accessing BlocksPay Wallet Extension
Access the BlocksPay Wallet extension by entering your password.
If you are new to BlocksPay, refer to the comprehensive guide article for detailed instructions (BlocksPay Guide).

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Step 2: Navigating to Network Settings
Once logged in, click on the "Network" tab within the extension interface and proceed to "Change Networks" screen.

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Step 3: Adding a Custom Network
On the Manage Networks screen, locate and click on the highlighted icon to add a "Custom network".

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Step 4: Configuring Velas Network Details
Within the "Custom Network" section, input the following details for Velas Mainnet and Velas Testnet, then click the "Add network" button.

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Velas Mainnet:

Velas Testnet:

By seamlessly connecting Velas Network to BlocksPay, users gain access to a Secure Multi-Chain Wallet, opening up a world of possibilities for managing and transacting with EVM Compatible cryptocurrencies and tokens.

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BlocksPay, with its user-friendly browser extension, continues to be a reliable solution for individuals navigating the complexities of blockchain technology.

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