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[Informative]XDC Zero :Advanced Cross-Chain System

What is XDC ZERO ?
Achieve unparalleled blockchain interoperability with XDC ZERO, ensuring frictionless data transmission and rigorous validation across a multitude of chains.

What's xdc zero for

  • verifiable generic message passing between networks
  • building block of inter-chain token transfer

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Key Components

  • Light client-based verifier(CSC):verify TXs against the checkpointed headers
  • Endpoint:on-chain message reception and dispatch (to Dapp)
  • Relayer:cross-chain massage passer
  • Frontend:configuration management

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Future : build anything cross-chain application base on xdc zero

For example: build bridge for token transfer from different chains

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Demo for xdc zero

The current demo supports sending messages from subnet to devnet

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if you want try , the step one switch to subnet ,then call devnet contract with address and input data
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Tips : this is very new and under development ,please wait some more time for it to be perfected

Demo video




Discussion (3)

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Can someone simply send a message to another EVM chain through this dapp?

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Galaxy Author

now support xdc subnet to xdc devnet

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Sean • Edited on

Okay. Thanks for the quick response.