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Update on release of XDCPay 2.0 by BlocksScan


We are glad to inform you that we have resolved all the previous issues reported by the XDC Community on "XDCPay." The beta version of XDCPay 2.0 was available for testing on the Chrome extension as "XDCClassic" for the last few weeks, and upon completing the testing and confirming with all the "XDCPay" users, we are proposing to go live on the primary extension, i.e. "XDCPay."

List of new features :-

  • Added USD/Fiat Valuation for XDC
  • Added XRC20 token by searching the symbol in a XDCPay , Article Link
  • Added Custom Token with “xdc” prefix, token symbol and decimals
  • Created new micro service API to showcase Sent & Received transaction history
  • Get XRC20 token fiat value from CoinGecko
  • Updated major XRC tokens contract address in coingecko to fetch the USD valuation on XDCPay.

We are requesting all "XDCPay" users take backups of all their "XDCPay" accounts as soon as possible.

We will look forward to your suggestions on the above.

Discussion (4)

ronald_mitchell_0de6c6219 profile image
Ronald Mitchell

Please tweet to everyone that they need private keys for every wallet. Not just seedphrase. 🙏🏽

When I use seedphrase, I only get about 20 +- of my 50 ish walllets. The others have to be manually input using private key.

Maybe your update fixes this. I was unable to test the wallet this time.😬

Q- Do XRC-20 token transactions display in detail now when clicking the transaction hash record? Previously is only shows the gas used but not details of the XRC-20 tokens of the transaction.

mrblockchain22 profile image
Salomon Morales

You can see $SRX transaction details as in the picture attached for example.

bryanrivera profile image
Bryan Rivera (BryanRiveraMusic)

Who do I need to contact about XDCPay? Is there any update to connect Ledger hardwallet? Apparently, due to a Chrome update, U2F is no longer supported.

This message keeps appearing: [TransportError: U2F browser support is needed for Ledger. Please use Chrome, Opera or Firefox with a U2F extension. Also make sure you're on an HTTPS connection]

sean_ profile image

Will the Upgraded version allow snapshot for governance voting?