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[Solved]Unable to connect D’CENT wallet to to view and amend my .xdc purchased domains.


I am unable to connect my D’cent app wallet or my D’Cent biometric wallet to using “wallet connect” It was working successfully a few days ago and when I try to connect now it just shows as if it is connected but does not actually connect to the site to show my domains.(Please refer to the attachment)

I can confirm that the D’CENT wallet has the most up to date version however this issue seems to be just related to XDC domains as it is working successfully with other crypto web3 domains sites.

Please can you kindly advise as I am unable to view or amend my .xdc domains I have purchased? Many thanks


Which phone are you using: IPhone 12 Pro
What kind of wallet are you using. Biometric Wallet or App Wallet: Both (and both where working fine previously)
Android/iOS Version information: iOS - 16.3.1
D'CENT app wallet Version. From the D'CENT app> Setting > About > Version: Version: 5.23.0 (101081) (attached screenshot)
If you are using Biometric wallet, Version of Firmware
From the D'CENT app wallet>Manager> Firmware Version: Firmware version 2.25.0.afd2

Kind regards,
Adil Hussain

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mitali_blocksscan profile image

Hey @adilhussain786786
Facing the same issue Thank you for notifying .
Give us some time. We are working with the D’CENT wallet Team to fix the issue.
We will notify you.
Thank you

kyungeun_kim_ec3e30e7767d profile image
Kyungeun Kim

Hi, I'm D'CENT Team.
Please update your iOS app to v5.23.1.
Please let me know again if the same problem persists.

adilhussain786786 profile image
adilhussain786786 Author

Hi Kim. Thank you for getting back. Can you please confirm how I would update iOS app on my iPhone? I thought the updates are provided by D’CENT and Apple phone forces or shows the update on the app but I don’t see any updates showing?

mitali_blocksscan profile image

Hey @kyungeun_kim_ec3e30e7767d, Thank you for the prompt response.

@adilhussain786786 I have just updated my D’CENT wallet to 5.23.1 and it's working fine now.

Please update your D’CENT wallet to 5.23.1 version by visiting the Play Store/App Store app.

Feel free to ask for further queries.