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WeFi x XDC Incentivised Mainnet Campaign

In the fast-evolving landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi), WeFi, a trailblazing platform, has officially launched its protocol on the XDC network. This marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a decentralized financial ecosystem. To commemorate this momentous occasion and foster community engagement, WeFi is excited to unveil a collaborative campaign with XDC on Intract. The campaign brings with it an opportunity for participants to vie for a share of the substantial 3200 USDT prize pool, injecting an additional layer of excitement into the WeFi and XDC partnership.

Campaign Overview:
Reward Pool: 3200 USDT + Additional $100/Day for Leverage Trades

Winners: 150 Winners ($20 each)

Extra $200 ($40 each) for 5 participants with a maximum number of transactions on WeFi Mainnet on XDC

100$ in FXD stable coin is distributed based on the ratio of your borrowed value to the total borrowed value in the protocol. It is distributed every 2 seconds in your account.

Duration: January 15 —February 05, 2024

Tasks for Participation:

  1. Follow XDC on Twitter
  2. Follow WeFi on Twitter
  3. Like Announcement Tweet
  4. Retweet Announcement Tweet
  5. Lend 5 FXD (gas-less and fee-free task)
  6. Invest 10 WXDC through Leverage Trade (gas-less and fee-free task)

How to use WeFi protocol on XDC Network:
Explore a step-by-step guide on utilizing the WeFi protocol on the XDC network through an informative document.
Read Detailed Document

Why Participate?
This campaign offers a unique opportunity to not only explore the potential of WeFi on the XDC network but also to compete for valuable prizes on Intract. By joining the campaign, participants become integral contributors to the decentralized future that both WeFi and XDC envision. It’s not just about the prizes; it’s about being part of a community-driven initiative that shapes the landscape of decentralized finance.

As the decentralized finance space continues to expand, the WeFi x XDC Mainnet Campaign stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts driving innovation. The campaign invites individuals to engage, explore, and be part of a movement that is shaping the future of decentralized finance. Don’t miss the chance to be a pioneer in this exciting journey — join the WeFi x XDC Mainnet Campaign today!

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