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[HackVerse]Uniso-Identity SBT

PROJECT NAME: Uniso Identity - SBT
TAGLINE: Uniso Identity: Your Digital Trustmark"
DESCRIPTION: "Uniso Identity" is a cutting-edge blockchain project powered by XinFin's XDC technology, enabling secure and privacy-centric identity verification. By converting personal details into NFTs on the XDC blockchain, it reduces identity fraud risk and simplifies verification processes. With a focus on security and trust, this platform offers a reliable and scalable solution for universal digital identity management. The utility which has been shown in this project is Asset Warranty which is supply chain within which Wanchain has been incoporated. The Uniso identity can be used for verification in Asset Warranty.
THE PROBLEM IT SOLVES: The "Uniso Identity" project solves the problem of identity fraud and enhances privacy by using NFTs for secure identity verification based on Aadhar and PAN card-like details. It simplifies verification processes, creates a universal digital identity, and fosters trust and security in a digital world. This innovation offers a streamlined and secure solution for identity verification, reducing the risks associated with traditional methods while promoting greater convenience and trust in online transactions. While for the Asset Warranty supply chain utility, the xdc3 package has been used.
HOW XDC IS USED: XinFin's XDC blockchain is a cornerstone of the "Uniso Identity" project, serving critical roles in token minting and transaction processing. It guarantees the security and integrity of identity-related transactions, builds trust through its transparency, and offers scalability to accommodate the high volume of verifications. Its decentralized nature ensures robustness and reduces the risk of single points of failure, making XDC a fundamental component of the Uniso Identity platform. Wanchain is used for Asset Warranty supply chain.
TECH USED: XDC3, Wanchain, Web3js, Solidity, Pinata IPFS Reactjs, Nodejs, HTML, CSS< TailwindCSS
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TEAM NAME : Securekloud Technology
XDC WALLET ADDRESS: xdc232ff376b2b97d07dd263ae1d54aa65dc70779b5

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